November = begging and whining season

This year i’m begging for either a Radial Coker or a giraffe.

and ankle guards
and maybe a parachute
or a spandex unitard and a cape!

Do a dance for your girlfriend and get her a new lyre. Your wish can’t be far behind.

Get the Coker over the giraffe if you can.

Yes, listen to him!!! Get the coker!!!

Im begging for a pool/oldschool skateboard and an ipod.

hey dk if you want an oldschool deck you should check out skull skates, best oldschool stuff i have ever seen, i have one other their decks they dont make anymore and its awesome. about an inch longer than normal and over nine inchs wide

I´m begging for money.
So I can pay my debts.

A trip to Europe for the World Cup!!! And maybe a 24" Torker DX

maguras, maybe. and music.

I want a Coker/Radial too!

…or a KH20…

and maybe a few shirts from

You guys are killing me, I want all those things.
My wish list has one word
Conundrum. Probably have to wait awhile though.

Dave if your out there, I’m doing an interpretive dance for a Conundrum for Christmas!

Which world cup?

Yes, I was just about to say the same thing.

World cup of what?

Holy crap guys!!! the FIFA WORLD CUP

SOCCER!!! It is going to be so awesome i can’t even believe it

agreed. good luck getting tickets though.