Nov 11. Remembrance Day

I have begun a video project that I will continue to add on each year. This first year’s efforts will be done by week’s end, but I hurried to get the first clip online as soon after Nov 11 as I could.

This is 3 mins of approx 5-6 mins I have of this year’s Nov 11 parade which is the first segment of a video I will make (as a personal project) over the next several years. I am going to add more to it each year, with my final addition being filmed at Juno Beach on Nov 11 20??.

Here is the clip I have compiled so far. (very early stages)
Nov 11 2004]Nov 11 2004

I said Thank You many times yesterday

how do u put the link there to the movie? it’s kool, but kinda slow lol

click on the http:// button right above the input field.

my webhost,, sucks. my account is paid up till jan

dang, i thought i was in JC, there are no unicycles in the vid