Nouvelle Video francaise

HI !!

Just a new french vid with : Samiaul, loic, matt, arthur, robin

    hope you enjoy

utube link

keukly power:D

sweet, nice to see that its not just street riders in france:p

i like the green rim!

Great video, Tres Bien!

Nice late spin but you shouldn’t have slowed half of it down, you should have slowed all or nothing, makes it look like the only reason it is late is because you have slowed it with effects.

apart from that, it was very good.


Another SICK french street vid! Awesome!
USA was the street dominated country, but now I think it’s France… :slight_smile:
I don’t like you french street riders… How can you learn all those crazy street tricks so damn quickly?? And it looks like you’re just doing it easy… :stuck_out_tongue:
You guys are so sickly skilled!
Keep it up!

Wow, that was very cool. Loic had a few tricks that made me play back the video over and over again to see what was going on. The green rim looks awesome too.

What was that trick that Loic did around 55 seconds? is that a 360 with a 180 unispin?

Looked like a 180 unispin in to out with an attempted 360, but it turned out to be more like a 180. So that would be in to out smallspin (Correct me if I’m wrong and forgive my lack of street term knowledge. That stuff confuses me.)

1 word describes the whole movie,…SICK! that was the best movie yet!

I can’t edit my post any more, but one thing I would have done for the filming is closer shots, so that we can really see what’s going on with theuni and the trick. Great video though!

loic’s trick is a 360 varial !

thanks for all you remarks !! :wink:

sweet movie. i almost landed that 360 varial today.