Nottingham UK Full Moon Muni

It’s a full moon next wednesday. Which can only mean one thing. It’s time for night-riding in Nottingham.

8.00pm Wednesday 27th October
Meet at Hemlock Stone/Bramcote Hills Car park which is here

Buses are rainbow 4 from Derby/Nottingham, or if you’re quite fit, it’s about 1.5 miles from Beeston train station.

Bring lights of some kind, and a muni or trials unicycle, ie. something with a bit of an offroad tyre.

Look out for me, on a unicycle, with very bright head lights and a red rear head light.

If you’re coming and going to be late, phone/text me on
07905 696427 and we’ll sort out meeting up, it’s quite an easy area to meet up in.


Phew, almost couldn’t make this one, but panic over, I’ll be there. I’m even working on some DIY lights, just so I can see the big drops and things coming…
And this time, I either want more people turning up, or at least a better class of excuse.


Don’t forget,

Nottingham night ride this Wednesday, be there and have fun or be warm and dry but bored.


If the ride alone isn’t enough, you can all come and marvel at the man with 15 watts of glowing plumbing fittings on his head.

I should be there, though a little late (15-20 mins).

BTW when you say ‘Full Moon Muni’ I take it you are referring to the sphere that orbits earth will be full and not that we’re required to ride bare buttocked :astonished:


And if that isn’t enough, you may need all those lights if you ride long enough.

There is also a a total eclipse of the moon that night.

How’s the song go? Everything under the moon is in tune but the moon is eclipsed by the earth? Something like that anyway.

Re: Nottingham UK Full Moon Muni

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 12:21:09 -0500, “UniBrier” wrote:

>How’s the song go? Everything under the moon is in tune but the moon is
>eclipsed by the earth? Something like that anyway.

and everything under the sun is in tune
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon

(Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - Eclipse)

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“I (…) made it without dying, which means mere mortals can do it. - John Foss”

Looks like it will be dry for tonights ride, though maybe not so much light from the moon as last night.

Re: Re: Nottingham UK Full Moon Muni

“There is no dark side really, as a matter of fact, it’s all dark.” Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - run-out groove (but it’s on the CD as well)

It rained and the moon was nowhere to be seen. But that made no difference the ride was real fun, though very tiring for me (I need to get fit). This was my first real night ride and proved to be, in a way, easier than I thought; I expected to fall more often than I did. It was also the first chance to take my Muni for a good ride with the 125 cranks I put on recently, and strangely up hills were technically easier! I do really like the 125’s for Muni.

Cheers, Gary