Nottingham UK coker/29er weekend 19th-21st Nov

Hi all,

For once I’m organised in advance (almost a month in advance!) and have a spare weekend, so I’m actually having this coker weekend I’ve been promising for ages.

I’ve found some nice coker/29er rides, no scary major roads involved, a good variety of riding, with everything from singletrack to minor roads. The lengths are adaptable from about 12 miles to >40 for nutcases. It’ll be similar in style to the first coker weekend I organised a couple of years back, ie. pretty relaxed. I’ve checked out some good pubs, including one super duper one for beery people with half a zillion different beers and ciders. There’s also at least two very good tea rooms(*) for anyone who is inclined towards cake. The riding won’t be super technical, but there will be a bit of off-road and a few little hills, so don’t bring short cranks (ie. less than 150 on coker/125 on 29er) unless you’re Roger, or very fit.

There’ll be hopefully enough accommodation at my house in Beeston near Nottingham, it’s a 3 bed semi, we’ve probably got room for 12 or so people, it’ll be sleeping on floors/sofas/anywhere you can find. If you wanted something more salubrious, there are hotels/b+bs in Nottingham, which is about 3 miles from my house and easy to get to by train/bus/unicycle, or Beeston has some b+bs I think. For people who live locally, the rides will start from my house at 10ish on the Saturday and Sunday, or we can meet you at Beeston train or bus stations if you need to as they’re pretty close.

If you’re thinking of just coming down for a day, I’d suggest making it the Saturday if you can as Sunday rides are never as long, what with people having to get home and stuff.

Rides will start from hereish -

Getting there:

By Car - Junction 25 M1, A52 towards Nottingham, turn right (signposted Beeston) at Nurseryman Pub, then turn right into Sidney Road (4th or so on the right).

By train - Train to Beeston (trains from Nottingham, Derby, London, Birmingham etc. stop there). Out the north side of the train station and up the main road, keep going straight on up Station Road/Wollaton Road, past the end of the high street, then third or so on the left after that is Sidney Road.

If you’re interested post here, pm/email me ( or phone/text me on 07905 696427 to let me know you’re coming and to find out the house number.


  • One of which is recommended by the British Tea Council and has been expertly tested by Nottingham riders and found to be good.

I like the sound of that, I’ve a couple of days holiday left and was wondering what to do with them, what tyre do you recomend, big apple or shall I just leave the notos XC on.

P.S. Can I book a place on your floor…



Either big apple or Notos XC will be fine. Notos will mean you’re more likely to stay on if we hit any bits of mud, the big apple might be a bit faster for the rest of the riding. If I were you I’d stick with what you’re used to.

Consider some floor booked.


I’ve been commuting via some of the rides we’ll be doing and they’re looking pretty good. A few bits of mud which are well fun riding on the big apple.


But will they be as much fun if I leave on the notos?

I have the same problem… one 29er, one big apple and one mythos. Which one?! On average I seem to have been swapping the tyre for pretty much every ride so far, if not more often.

It’s got the big apple on at the moment; it’ll have the mythos on for the weekend, and the big apple again for going up to Stockport next week…

Methinks it’ll be the big apple for this particular weekend.

Joe… can I place my reservation for some floor space, please?


Time to buy a 2nd hub/rim assembly? You take the wheel out for every tyre change so you might as well change the whole assembly, as a minimum it will make Roger happy :wink:

Phil - at Exeter you showed me your 2 left pedals, and I said I didn’t have any spares - apology time, when I went to pack the car there was the 29" without pedals, they were laying in the boot so I could have lent you them. You leave the correct parts at home, I bring them but forget that I have, we are as bad as each other.

Joe - sorry can’t make the weekend so you can ride faster.


Remember, I asked first, I want the bit nearest the fire!

Any objections to a campfire in the middle of the room? No? Excellent… :slight_smile:


It’s a coker/29er weekend. Bring both! Change on saturday evening, or in extreme situations, bring both on each ride (folding tyres, right?) so you can change tyres while we stop and eat cake.


The mud will be less slidy on the notos, but you’ll be able to ride a bit more. It depends on how much you like slidyness.

I’ll be riding a big apple, cos I can never be bothered to change tyres. I don’t intend to have much riding that won’t be rideable on that, as the cokers wouldn’t be able to cope with it either.

Phil - some floorspace reserved.


Sounds excellent. I’m in. November is a busy month for Uni stuff.

Can I reserve some floor space too please Joe.