Nott Another Juggling Convention


I went to the nott another juggling convention this saturday. There was the dance studio free for unicycling like last time which was cool plus the whole indoors of the university is actually quite good to unicycle on.

Best parts for me was Performing in the show and Trying to coast the whole length of the corridoors without hitting anyone or anyone of the snake boarders!! I did it once :smiley:

I would reccomend it next year for anyone that lives near Nottingham


Here is someones video


Sounds like fun.
I never could get the hang of the snake-board. I’m very good standing in one place and doing something that kinda looks like a Chubby Checker impersonation.

Did you meet up with any of the forum people at the convo?

It was cool fun. The show was great too, loads of impossible stuff that was interesting to watch too, not too much boring juggling.

I learnt my second freestyle skill too, riding one footed, which was cool, cos everyone else I know can do it, so it was annoying not knowing how. The dance studio floor was super smooth too, was really fun doing spins and pirouettes on it ( my other freestyle skill).


Yeh maybe a little to much juggling in the show for me but it was a juggling convention lol :wink:

Yeh the dance studio was really slippy and soooo easy to pirouette. There was more unicyclists than I was expecting which was nice :slight_smile:


It was a really good convention, particularly if, like me, you juggle as well. I thought the show was great- quite a lot of variety.

The unicycling room was good, and the walls and rocks around the campus were great for trials- if only i’d brought my pads and helmet with me.

Joe- how long did you last balancing the giraffe uni in the club balance endurance competition?


I had a great time at NAJC. Went out for a bit of a ride round the campus with a few people, improved my rolling hops and got some good advice from trev on how to improve my static hops.

Show was good although I never like hat routines(possibly because I have never seen one with no drops in it)

The breakdancing was ok if you like that sort of thing

the workshops were great and I hope this will serve as a great advert for the next series of Tribe of fundango mini conventions.

the other good thing was that Shefcon was officially announced so that gives me another convention to look forward to.

Hope to see a few more unicycles at the next one.


I lasted until they told us to sit down and stand up with it. It was pretty easy to balance on your chin, way easier than a normal unicycle, although a bit uncomfortable.

The juggling in the show was almost all what I’d call non-boring juggling. I get bored by juggling acts where it’s just someone standing stock still chucking lots of things in the air in increasingly large quantities, but they weren’t really like that, more real performances.


I took a couple of photos