noticeable differences between 26 and 29 muni

I ride one. Believe me, you could too. Like juggleaddict said, getting on and off one is trickier, and it takes a lot more effort to manage the extra weight and to feed in the energy to go faster, which you will do on one. But once it gets rolling, it pretty much just goes.

Good deed done… Take a bow. :slight_smile:

I think you’ve got the right idea, to wait until unicycling is second nature as you say and you can stay balanced and recover from bumps in the road and other upsets without really thinking about it. It’s a long way down and it’s easy on a 36" to get going faster than you can run when your feet touch down.

When I started riding and read through old journal topics on the forum, I got the feeling that some had gotten discouraged and even injured by getting on a 36" too soon, at a point when they had enough skill to get on and ride, but not the mastery to stay on when the situation got hairy. I gave myself a two-year moratorium before even considering getting one, and I almost held out that long. :slight_smile:

Muni is excellent preparation in the meantime.

That’s what I said too.

It’s my favorite size! (For road riding.)

<------- (Picture of me on my geared 32.)

36ers with 150mm cranks are quite versatile. If you’ve been unicycling for a while it will only take a few weeks to get used to it. I wouldnt ride on the road or do easy XC or even easy x with a few moderately tech sections with much less. Any thing more tech or hilly or rooty and Id want something more agile. Oracle36 is a great uni.

If the wheel is 3 inches bigger diameter, then you’re only 1.5" further off the ground. It’s negligible.