Note To Self: When pedal grabbing...

… don’t miss, so that my leg (just above leg armour, of course) scrapes right down the jagged rock wall, while putting enough weight on the pedal to ensure that the seat crushes my hand against said wall and drags it downwards.

Before that happened, however, I did manage my highest pedal grab so far. I think I also did a longer seat-out jump than I’ve done before, after realising it was either that or poleaxe myself over a railing…

I should be doing some work today, but my hand is in pain! That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.


Good job

Nice work Phil! I think that’s a fair enough excuse. I’m annoyed because my ankle still hasn’t finished recovering and I can’t do any drops or anything like that. The unicycle will be built within the next few days.