NOT unicycling

ok guys, ive noticed alot of bike trial vids going up this forum. just reminding everyone this is a unicyclist! forum. just because it’s got trials in doesnt mean we all wanna see it. maybe i should post every decent skate/BMX street riding vid, i mean i have no problems with the actual vids, they doing good shit, but if you really wanna share, do it on fb or whatever, i dunno it’s just really starting to piss me off.

P.S this comment excludes the vid Mike padial posted, due to the sheer Cinematics and filming methods of that vid.

Perhaps there could be a non-unicycling video thread, where people can post them instead of making a new thread each time. It’s not like the whole forum will be congested with bike trials/whatever videos but people that want to watch them can still do so.

You’re joking aren’t you?
So you’re saying one rule for one person, and another for everyone else?

I don’t mind non-unicycling videos being posted, I enjoy watching videos I might not otherwise have seen. If it bothers you that much, don’t click on the topics!


If we had implemented your rule before Mike posted that vid, you may never have seen it. Why is this video more exemplary than others?

I don’t have strong feelings either way but like Edd said, just don’t click on the thread, plenty things on this forum I don’t want to read about, so I choose not to.

On the other hand it does say “Unicycling videos” as the name of the forum, so perhaps a non unicycling video thread would be useful.

I also agree with you on the BMX vids but to be honest, I’d like to see them posted here as well, I feel more inspired by them than I am by Trials vids.

I’m sure we can come to a conclusion which suits everyone.


make this threat a threat to post the non-unicycle vids :stuck_out_tongue:
I agree with dan, this is a unicycle forum.
But I also agree with ‘Eddbmxdude’ ^^ I like watching new vids that I might not otherwise have seen if it wasn’t posted here…

ive got a funny feeling this is a joke. but to go along with the topic anyway just for teh lulz, i <3 good bmx videos if they r creative or really big or just really nice edits. just so long as we dont get flooded with them then i have no problem with it.
and on a related topic: DONT do flat or trials in a STREET comp!! happens way too often and i dont like it. random, but i felt liek venting somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Dan, cause I like him as a person.

But no seriously, we’re pretty much all friends on facebook, just put a link there if you think something is awesome and I’m sure everyone you intended to view it will see it.

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Me too!

I dont care as long as it looks nice, flowy, creativ and fits the rider. I dont get why people always try to define each diszipline strict in such a young sport.

To the non unicycling vids here I think too that a special thread would be nice.

A dedicated thread for such videos seems like a good idea. Even ancient me likes to catch any new MacAskill vids. I also like watching good free running but don’t think such vids should be posted just anywhere on a dedicated unicycling site.

Maybe a thread for vids of all things not unicycling? That would solve the problem. Don’t like it, don’t look!

There was one, it was called something like Your Favorite Video of the Day, but it got moved to JC and I never go in JC…

NOT worth sweatin

I agree for flatland xD But I’ve never seen pure trials in a street comp… maby like sidehop on something to 360 off and stuff like that but I don’t have a problem with it =D as long as it is clean,nice or original it is ok ^^

lol I’m pretty sure this isn’t a joke. I don’t mind 2 or 3 non unicycling vids on the first page but if more start popping up then they need to go somewhere else.

There’s a perfectly good thread in JC for non-unicycling vids. Or creating a thread for them in here would be alright too. After all this is meant to be “unicycling videos”.

Street, street, street… gargle, gargle, gargle.

People can do what they like in a street comp, if it’s not street it won’t get judged as highly.

well trials is very rarely flowy or creative. yes, it can be but if it really is flowy then it probably is street. as for flat, just cos ur on top of a manny pad doesnt mean its street. however alex’s comment below does have a good point: it wont get judged. it just annoys me to see people do it anyway. i dunno why, it just does. same as it annoys dan to see non unicycle vids on the uni vid part of the forums.

Do we know it isn’t judged though? Because according to the rules I see no reason why it would not unless the judges personally don’t like it.

Depends who the judges are. Simple as that.

well i always thought street was supposed to have the use of obstacles (except for a trick or two on flat as u move to another obstacle, so long as those tricks arnt overdone). i dunno, just my opinion