Not sure what to get...

I bought a United trainer from about a month ago and i have gotten down the basics. Whenever i try to do anything on the trainer it seems unsteady though. The rim isnt very strong. I want to start going off road and some trial stuff. I was thinking of the Semcycle XL off road cycle from I want something simple and inexpensive for my first off road cycle so does anyone have comments on the semcycle or other prefered cycles? I would like to keep the cost under $400.


Well, all you will need is a square frame (you will thank me one day for that) and a thick axle, the thickest you can find, then you can put a bmx tire on it. and you will have quite a nice uni, you will want one with a nice place to hold for hopping and jumping, and a quick release post.

see ya

I would suggest you try and get a nimbus 2 frame, i got my’n for 50$ after shiping from the U.K. you could try to get one from either roger davies at he was quite helpful in shipping me one but i dont know that he wants to make a practise of doing it. or i hear they are expecting a couple in some time soon, but i dont know when.

Then get a sezue wheel set with a alex dx 32 rim and 3" gazz ,
and then some 170 lasco cranks, a miyata seat, and whatever pedals you decide on(i am not gona start that whole debate).

The whole thing will only cost you about, 300$ or so.

I think this is the best muni for the money availible right now.


Also, check out this thread:

I was asking pretty much the same question a couple weeks ago, and I got some good advice. I couldn’t get an ETA on the Nimbus II and I was impatient. I ended up going with the Pashely Power MUni - and it arrived yesterday. It’s awesome. It’s the Samuel L. Jackson of Unicycles.

I would definetly wait on the nimbus 2, it will be well worth the wait. my
friend had a pashley power muni and it was nice and all but he sold it to get
a KH cuz he wanted a 3 inch gazz, if you jump the gun and buy the wrong
thing you are just gona have to upgrade later on.



Hey I’m glad to hear you liked your Pashley. Maybe you’ve already done so, but if not, do you have any pictures of it, or with you on it, etc?

What have you done with it so far?


No, don’t wait for a uni that still does not have an ETA. Get something now that is upgradeable. Get a Sem XLW with a 24" Alex DX32 rim and a 24x2.6" tire. If/When you feel the need for a 3" tire then you can replace the Sem XLW frame with the Nimbus II frame, get a 24x3" tire and be ready to go again. All the other components would stay the same. The Sem XLW frames are only like $55 so the cost of upgrading the frame isn’t too bad.


Well, I don’t get home until 9 to start with, so after I went to K-Mart for allen wrenches, went to the gas station to inflate everything, put it all together, then got stuck watching the riveting last 15 minutes of the Smallville season finale, it was already 10:00pm and quite cold, so I didn’t get to spend much time riding.

But, I did free-mount after about 15 minutes and I just cruised around the neighborhood looking for bumps. That big fat tire is going to take some turning practice, but overall, the whole unit is smooooth. I can’t wait to take it off-road.

I did get some pictures, though - nothing with me on it yet, but I’ll be adding more soon.
Check 'em out ->

I would have to say John is probebly right in some peoples case, but for me being a
15 year old who is too lazy to go get a job, spening 55$ on a frame i am only gona
use for a month, is much more of a big deal then it is for some poeple who are in a
hurry to get a muni. plus i already have a united muni i have had for a year that i could
ride while i was waiting so it wasnt such a big deal.


Yeppers, I LOVE my Sem XLW, however, if I were you, I’d wait for the Nimbus. It looks a great ride.
-David Kaplan

Killer color scheme! I did the red/black thing but I like yours better.

i would’nt wait unless you think a 3.0 tire is absolutly necessary.a 2.6 is still loads of fun.

the people in the know,still dont know when those nimbus II frames will come in.(it was a couple of weeks about a month ago)

Well, it looks like memorial day weekend is going to be very beautiful, so my impatient decision to NOT wait on the Nimbus II is looking better and better. 3 straight beautiful days on the trails to break in my new MUni is almost worth the extra money.

AAARRRGH! The forcast over here is rain to showers on Saturday, showers and sunbreaks on Sunday, and increasing rain on Monday.

It’s going to be another wet and muddy weekend of muni for me again. If this wet weather keeps up I’m going to be so fat and out of shape at NAUCC and UNICON that I’m going to be suffering horribly on the muni fun rides. Last weekend it took me 5 rest stops to make it up a 1200 vertical foot climb on my favorite muni trail. When I’m in shape I can make that climb with no stops. I’m pathetic.

Friday is supposed to have good weather. I think I’ll have to take off early from work on Friday. :slight_smile:

The good news it that I have it on good authority that it will not rain during NAUCC and UNICON.


RE: Not sure what to get…

> It’s going to be another wet and muddy weekend of muni for me
> again. If this wet weather keeps up I’m going to be so fat
> and out of shape at NAUCC and UNICON that I’m going to be
> suffering horribly on the muni fun rides.

Do you mean to say that you live in the Seattle area but you don’t ride in
the rain? Yes, I’m sure that would put a big dent in your fitness level.

I on the other hand, do not have such an excuse, and have to make up other
ones… :slight_smile:


Re: RE: Not sure what to get…

The weather held out for us here in Seattle for the most part. No blazing sunny days, but it held off raining till Monday afternoon/evening. Got to ride all 3 days of the holiday weekend. And just to show my Seattle spirit I went for a big muni ride on Monday afternoon right as it was starting to rain (drizzle).

I’m slightly less pathetic this weekend. I rode that big climb again on Monday with fewer rest stops. By the time UNICON starts I might actually be able to make the climb with no stops. If I’m going to do a big climb I might as well do it in the drizzle cause I’m not going to be enjoying myself anyways. The ride down was a blast and makes the climb worthwhile. Muddy, wet, rooty, slippery, rocky, downhill singletrack.