[not Street] I'm mad my camcorder is broken...

… I didn’t get all the lines I wanted to, plus 2 I filmed with poopy camera, plus my wheel is messed up, plus I’m a chicken. Expect a sequel eventually.:(:(:frowning:

Vimeo shortly…


and I do appreciate comments…

Now theres some trials we need more of.Liked how creative you were and youre getting too good at those 180’s :sunglasses:

ever so nice!

Loved especially the guardrailride !!!
Very nice recoverings of the balance…you make it look so eeaassyy!:wink:
Keep pleasing us ( perhaps some bails too:D) even with that “trashy” cam…hahahah, so keep on riding, filming,trialzing,…

Yeah, I realize there was too many skinnies. And now I just realized i forgot to put one of the lines in.

that was really good ! i really like your style

awesome vid man! dang 180’s on rail looks soooo tough.

That was an… appointment? (opposite of disappointment?) You had some really nice lines in there, and poopy camera was a minor minus. Great video. :slight_smile:

I really liked it. I didn’t think you had too many skinnies in it. You’re good at them, I can only make it about 20 feet on a rail road.

That was mint, i love skinnies and you are really good at them

Wow, Zach, that was awesome. You’re a pretty great all around rider too, like Max :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! The line I forgot to put in is on that tree in the intro :o. Its not amazing but its a decent line. Maybe I’ll just post it to youtube, idk…