Not so new video that i feel deserves a thread

hey. about 1-2 months ago i made a video. its not all that good, since when i took all the footage i wasn’t even planning to put it all in a video…
heres the link:
Tell me what you think.
Oh and i guess check out the rest of my vids since i haven’t honored them with a thread either. tell me what you think about those to:D

Oh it´s great :astonished: i wish i can do a little things of this.
your freeflip is very cool

nice vid. get a better camera :wink:

i have a better camera… im just lazy to carry it around everywhere. i used my phone for everything in that vid except for the outflip down the 3… which was my friends fone.

yea… i can do those better, but as i said it wasnt exactly intended for the vid. i just landed it and was like ok w/e ill go with that. but yea i agree the one in the vid was horribly done. but it would b an outbackflip, not hickbackflip if u wanta b technical. o yea, i have 7 unis i think. it depends what u consider to be a uni… since some are missing parts and some are simply unassembled. i sort of have 8… but one has no rim… and a whole bunch are missing seats…

Actually I was very impressed by the varial backflip. Yeah rotation is a bit under, however it is a very difficult trick. This guy has mad skills in a lot of weird, yet very awesome areas. (in to out 5spin, I mean wtf mate. lol). Also the freeflip, very tricky in a game of UNI. However I think you should have busted more freestyle tricks bro. I know you have sick skills there. I want to see them. lol Loved the vid.

-Shaun Johanneson

Yea my other vids r mostly freestyle. But im glad u liked this one!

pele i love you!

You’re very good.

that was a bit out of the ordinary…

ya dude great job. i was waitin for you to unveil the “peleflip.”:slight_smile:

That’s a really cool vid! Actually I don’t know how often I watched it.

I liked the Fullvarial in the beginning. That is something which you can’t see here very often.

540-Outspin is just sick!!! :astonished:
Can you land them constantly?
I would like to see a “huge Varial”!
Has anybody landed something like that?

No words! :frowning:

Thanks. yeah im working on getting the 540 outspin consistent. I have tried huge varials… but without much success. i think they’ll be easy though as soon as i get 540 outspins consistent, since full varials i got shortly after 360 outspins were consistent. For my next video i might use a real video camera. I dont know, its a bit inconvenient to carry it around, and i dont have my license so i have to ride to the places were i film.

Shaun J has landed the Huge Varial, I’m also getting pretty close.

Edit: Some people have also come close to 540 outflips.

Last time i talked 2 shaun j which was like a week ago he said he couldnt do a 540 outspin so theres basicaly no way he could do a huge varial. He can however do a hugespin which is the same thing exept starting seat in front. I have never hrd of ne1 else doing a 540 outspin or flip for that matter.

haha after googling my name, I just found that this video is on a soccer website! (probably because my name is pele…)

scroll down a bit and you’ll see it!&page=1


Only one of the greatest players of all time. Quite possibly THE greatest.