Not Selling: How much could I get for my Quax?

Im not selling it. But I was wondering about how much I could get for it if I wanted to sell.

  • Quax Frame
  • Kris Holm Fusion Street Saddle
  • Kris Holm Moment cranks 137s
  • Quax Seapost clamp
  • Quax reinforced seatpost
  • Maxxis Creepy Crawler pretty worn but I have a new tire
  • Quax BX38 Rim 48 Hole
  • Quax ISIS Hub
  • Snafu Pedals

Thats pretty much it. I bought the saddle for $65 and the cranks for $125 and the pedals for $50.



no offense, but why do you keep making threads wondering how much your stuff is worth?

also… you bought all the stuff, so add all the prices together.


I just want to know…incase I want to sell, so i have an idea

This is the For Sale/Trade section, not post tons of topics per day.

Do you really need help here?
Add the whole cost of the uni and take %80 (if in good condition) or %50-60 if beaten to hell.

Id pay $180-$200.

I think I’d give you $45 for it?

without pictures…$100 and a charms blow pop

Wow everyone im in shock! :astonished: I though I could only get like $10.

Common Be Serious

I was talking to some others and they said between $150-$300.

why do you make so many stupid threads?

its hard to say without pictures.

You could probably do $200 with pictures of it in good condition.

i’d pay 200-350 but to determine the price accurately pictures would help.

Well then, stop asking us and sell it to them.

wtf man. quit making such stupid threads. if your not selling, then why do you care how much you could get for it. you piss me off.

Haha my plan has worked!

You piss me off buddy


I’m not sure that anything in this thread could remotely qualify as “working”

Well, I enjoy how uppity people get about such a small post that really isn’t bad. Should I dig up the other FEELER threads posted in here so you guys can start shoving the “Right way” down their throats too?

Anyways, like I was saying, I am enjoying at, so his plan is also working for me too.:stuck_out_tongue:

i basically wanted to see pics before quoting an actual price :stuck_out_tongue:

His plan for world domination!


yeah really Isaac (Stiener), stop starting stupid threads like this!!! :angry: