Not really one-footed idling

I’ve been riding one-footed forward for about a couple weeks making progress towards steadiness. I have the feel for it now.

One-footed idling was baffling to me, my pedal-foot just ended up in a potential energy well at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Today, instead of hanging my other foot out in the air, I put it on the crown of the frame. I was able to use the foot on the frame to push the frame a bit to help the front-to-back back pendular motion along. I can do it!

However, I would really call this one-pedaled, not one-footed idling.

Anybody else have any thoughts on the matter. Am I cheating?


What you are doing is commonly called one footed idling. You are not cheating. if your foot is not on the frame it is called one footed idling with the other foot extended, or something like that, and is much harder. Once you get really good at normal one footed idleing, you can try it without a foot on the crown.

no way, you’re not cheating at all. I can one footed idle all I want, the foot on the crown helps me to know better where the frame is and provides another point of contact with the uni to keep my balance.

Congratulations! :smiley:

Thanks, guys!

It sure is rewarding to finally figure something out. This forum is a big help!

Oh and one other thing, unless you are already doing it, try putting your foot on the crown when riding forward one footed too, its much easier, especially turning sharp.