Not quite your average unicycle movie...

You should keep making longer and longer movies, and phase the unicycle out gradually, so when you’re an internationally renowned director, you can have a fleeting glimpse of a unicycle in every movie as your signature, a la Hitchcock.

Alternatively, keep making similar movies - with MORE unis!

A great alternative to the Universe vids (not that I don’t love them too!)

I watched it and don’t know if I liked it or not? On one hand I liked the style of it and cause it was different, on the other hand it was a little bit on the boring side with little tricks. So I guess I’m stuck somewhere in the middle. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it, I just think it’s an OK movie.

That was great. I really appreciate knowing that I’m not the only silly bugger in this world.

I found the music tended to be too loud over the monologue, but I forwarded the link off to a bunch of friends as it doesn’t detract from the delight wit written into the scipt.

Heck, the Arrogant Worms are even used. :smiley:

Hope you can tackle another one of these soon.

Great video, very diffrent! i like it, i was laughing the whole way through (the end was the best i loved that crazy staged fall). i have always said… need more varity in videos!

Eek… I must be more careful who I give lifts to… might turn out to be dangerous loons… :wink:

Nice one Sam! Makes a nice change from the usual pogo-stick on table stuff.

BTW - I’ve always thought that roundabout in the Valley of the Rocks to be probably the most pointless road feature ever. It could have its uses I suppose (bus/lorry/tractor turning place?) but still a roundabout with two exits on a dead straight road is a bit of a joke.

I’ve never thought about riding there, although I’ve been there quite a few times (mostly in the car for Triumph club meetings) - are those bits of singletrack legally rideable or are they footpaths? Is it worth a trip up there with my unicycle?


Hey guys. Lots more replies :slight_smile:

“so when you’re an internationally renowned director”
… I think that’s just happened! On some scale, anyway.

“loved that crazy staged fall”
I guess you mean the one in the surf, but that was no ‘staged’ fall, as the bloopers show! It was simply my innability to stay up in the waves. The way the shot of the sun worked when cut together to look like a mysterious attack/beam-me-up thing was also coincidence - I didn’t realise they would come out at the same point in the frame, but it seems to work.

I’d have loved to ride all the way into the water and just disappear, if only I hadn’t been told only two days previously by rogeratunicycledotcom that the best way to trash bearings is to put them in the sea. So I was careful not to get the bearings wet in seawater. Maybe sometime I’ll have an old unicycle to trash, and I’ll use that shot in some other film.

“I found the music tended to be too loud over the monologue”
Yes, I know the sound-levels are hardly down to an art. Also there is too much sea/wind noise in a lot of it, but that’s due to using a camcorder without a separate fluffy mic nearer to the narrator. Could always have lip-synched it back in ‘post-’, but seriously? :slight_smile:

“bit on the boring side with little tricks”
As I warned, it wasn’t meant to be a cavalcade of trick-mongering, but it would have been better to have some more in, I know. I didn’t have the time to do much really, and with a half-broken seatpost I didn’t dare anything that might finish it off and prevent normal riding for the rest of the filming.
In future efforts I will certainly try to get more tricks in. :slight_smile:

Yes, that roundabout is possibly the most pointless in the world. Which is why it is a wonderful place to unicycle.

The rocky bits I rode on at the beginning of the chase were the path down from Castle Rock, next to that roundabout. An excellent path to ride, but hardly worth the trip, as it’s only about 100m long. The rest was on Lee Abbey estate property, which is privately owned land. There was much more trail than I had time to visit, and what I did do was pretty mundane flat stuff. It’s not the best place for public access trails, certainly.

So long for now,


Is this video still downloadable anywhere?

I get a ‘no username’ error when I try n download it.
And that while I am logged in.


That happens to me too. Anyone know what the problem is?

I’ll tell you the problem, you’re two years late.


Hahaha, that explains it

Fantastic! I must have missed that the first time round.

The link to download it, rather than just watch it embedded in a web page, by the way, is;



I liked it comparably w/ UNION, which was seriously lacking in both plot and scale of the tricks. And I’m more likely to rewatch yours.