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Me, Liam, Steffan, and Jesse riding over the holidays in Wellington and Palmerston North NZ

Let me know what you think :smiley:

Cool video! That place with the tires looks like a sick spot. The only clip I didn’t like was the one with the gliding that lasted about :45 seconds. It’s cool how you have so many people to ride with!

Edit: Your one push backroll thing was nice. :slight_smile:

Agreed with Julia, and I’m jealous of you and your friends.

nice! :smiley: actually lovely, again, the spot with the tyres looks fun…

haha i have no one to ride with in my area. Steffan and Liam came over for the holidays from the other end of the North Island.
haha that one push back roll i dont know what its called so i named it an anti roll.

Thanks for the comments :smiley:

that was a video with a nice variety of tricks, i like it:)

just looked again my outflip was sketchaaaaaay!

also iv nearly got doubleflips one handed :smiley:

Good improvement. Still waiting for the Hamilton vid guys :slight_smile: