Not Getting Any Better...

I have been Unicycling since around December of 2007 and i still can’t do anything cool. Is this normal? I’ve tryed to crankflip but can’t, so i tryed to crank stall and almost got it. If anyone knows any easy but cool and fun tricks to learn tell me. Oh, by the way i can’t do big jumps because i break my tube every time i do…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks -KOKOMO

Basically, you have to do more than just try it.

You can unicycle. You’re already cool.

What unicycle do you have?
How often do you practice?

Can you even do some basic tricks like 1-foot, backwards, wheel walk, 180 unispin, free mount or others like that?

Were you just like “They can crankflip and SO CAN I!!!” or did you work on recommended steps that are used to get towards a crankflip (zero plants, foot plants, no footers, revs)?

Can you do any beginner tricks like leg wraps? Try some beginner tricks, learn the steps to crankflips and practice, practice, practice.

Free mount is a trick? I can do a trick?

I have a Sun Classic and i ride about 2-3 hours a day…

I cannot ride backwards or glide or ride with one foot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, I’ve been unicycling for >4 years and I still can’t crankflip!


I started riding in 1987. I got my freemounts up to 100% about 17 years later. I still can’t hop onto things, do drops, wheel walk, etc. But I can ride 10 miles without a dismount, and ride cross country, and have a lot of fun.

Confucius (really) said, “For everyone ahead of you, there is someone behind you.” (And, for those of you who think you’re really good, “For everyone who is behind you, there is someone ahead.”

If life were a competion, there would be 6,0000,0000,000 losers and 1 winner.

Good job life isn’t a competion.

Enjoy your riding.

1 foot - start taking your foot off the pedal for brief moments as it reaches the top. Keep doing it longer and longer until you can do it for a revolution, then 5, 10, then back on the pedal. When you can do this try putting your foot in different places, like on the frame, in front of you, or behind you. Learn each foot equally well.

Backwards - go back to your practice rail and do all the same things you did to ride forwards. Weight on seat, lean in the direction you want to go (backwards), pedal in smooth circles, focus on something as you back away from it.

Gliding - learn to WW and then one foot WW first. Go to your practice rail. If you are falling off the front, you aren’t leaning back enough.

Check the skills lists in my sig.

Practice, practice, practice. If it makes you feel better, I’ve been riding for almost 10 years (Wow, 10 years this weekend!) and I can’t crankflip, or 1-foot, and though I can ride backward, I suck at it. I CAN mountain uni pretty decently, and drop off picnic tables and higher, but I’ve also broken 3 unicycles :wink: If you want to do drops, save up and buy a trials uni, else just practice practice practice. And even if you can’t do crankflips or glide (I can’t do that either), you can still ride a unicycle, which is pretty damn good! :wink:

My question is: How often do you FALL?

In my experience, you have to be willing to fall a LOT in order to learn. I’ not saying you have to injure yourself, but I had LOTS of UPDs when I tried to ride one-foot. Anytime I try to learn any new trick, I have LOTS of UPDs.

I pad up when learning a new trick, because I’m 53 years old.


The general answer to your question is that for anything more advanced then the basic skills, you can’t just look at it and say “ok, time to learn a crankflip!”. You have to break it into components. Luckily for you, many of the most skilled riders have already done this for you, so a forum search will end up benefiting you quite a lot.

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger…Just take a day or off and then give it a go again…Stop trying so hard and just take your time, sooner or later it will just click…Cheers…Keithmj

Everyone reaches points in unicycling where they feel like they are making no progress. The important thing to do is remember that you Unicycle for fun. Sometimes with all the pressure to learn new tricks we forget this! Keep practicing and don’t get discouraged.

One of the main reasons why I ride is because it’s hard. I enjoy the challenge.

When I’m doing moderately challenging stuff I UPD at least once every 5 min. and ~ 1/3rd of the time I don’t land on my feet, but it’s usually no big deal because I wear pads.

My six year anniversary is coming up next week. After six years, I can do basic riding and a bit of MUni. I can’t even idle yet. I don’t practice. I haven’t really practiced since I learned the basics years ago. I just ride for fun. I’ve seen people practice tricks and they can get really frustrated and upset. I’m not going to let that happen to me! No sir-ee. I have fun every time I ride. Actually, my skillset is regressing. That’s okay. I’m just not that into it. My advice? Practice like there’s no tomorrow. Or happily accept that you are a mediocre unicyclist.

Dave Lowell tailgates unicyclists.

Back off, man! Or my Shinburger pedals will draw your blood again!