Not getting all emails


For the past few weeks I have been getting word that some of the emails that others are sending me are getting “kicked back”.

This has happened to emails sent from within the newsgroup and outside have emailed me.

Has this been happening to anyone else recently?

Is your account full? What does “kicked back” mean? It could also be that your email server is at fault, but more information is needed

Yeah Quite right what Asqlerth is saying. If your Account is full from your ISP, That means you must clear it. I never had “Kick-backs” before and I have never heard of that before. You must clear out your mailbox everyday or even once a month. The best mail server is Microsoft Outlook or the One you got from your Computer. IE-6 with Outlook Express for Example. Or any other Browser that came with it. Like Mozilla or Netscape. Check with your ISP or get help from your ISP to seek help. I need more Info too once you are out of trouble. To me I think it’s your ISP servers at fault but that’s just a guess. That’s the best I can do Mate, Sorry.


Thanks for the advice, guys!

The problem has been with my email. I have AOL and have had no problems. But then again, I don’t use it much because it’s just a spam toilet. But I do clear that once a week.

I can’t give any more detail on what “kicked back” means, other than that is what others have referred to in the emails that did make it to my mailbox.

However, my web mail was at about 80 emails during the kick back period. I have had it as high as 110 and still
got my emails. I will cull it down - way down, anyway.

I did go into my trash bin and found 384 old emails that I purged.
Surely, that should help. I emailed myself soon after and it got through.

Thanks again for the suggestions!:slight_smile:

The mail problem is likely a question that only Gilby can answer.

There have been some problems with “Server Busy” messages when trying to access the forums (fora). I don’t know what would happen to mail if the mail came in at the same time the server was saying “Whoa, I’m really busy right now”. I don’t know if the busy server affects receiving of email or not. I would think the senders email server would just try again later and the message would eventually get through. But maybe that’s not happening. Gilby is the one who would know what’s going on.


Glad it all sorted out. That’s good news to me. And I Agree with John Childs on his Opinion. So far I had never had problems with, expect for the “The Server is busy please try again later” Icon. That always happens when I post a Thread or whatever. Glad it sorted out Rod, Good to hear.


A couple days before July 16th, there were a few bounces of some mail with an error like “unable to output to mailbox”. This could mean a few things: that your account reached/exceeded quota, that there is no space on the hard drive, or there are no inodes left (inodes store information about files on the system and are limited in number). However, none of these were the case and I really do not know what the cause was. If I truncated a large log file, the problem would go away, but came back after a day. This problem happened in early June, though only affected a few operations, like backing up the databases. So, the problem was probably the result of some process having the wrong info (a process related to the filesystem) and after seeing that the server was not rebooted at all since before these problems occurred, I decided to reboot it on July 16, and thus restart whatever process/service that was causing the problem. Since then I am not aware of any problems occurring, but if you have experienced mail bouncing after that time, please send any of the bounced messages to me so I can look into them.

In response to John, the busy server should not cause mail to not get delivered, it just might get delayed. The mailserver is set up to turn off when it sees that the server is under high load and therefore it will refuse to accept mail. However, this just means that the ISP of the person sending the mail will save the message and try again until it gets through. Usually if the message is not delivered within 4 hours, you’ll get a message saying that it couldn’t be delivered yet, but that it’s going to keep trying until 5 days have passed. When there is an error (such as it being unable to deliver), then a message will be sent to the sender.