not coker 36" wheel sets

Can any one tell me where I can find out about Dave Stockton or U Turns 36" wheels.:slight_smile: I want to put a good wheel on a Hunter 36 frame.

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Talk to Dave. I only met him once, but he is very nice and helpful. He will tell you everything you want to know about his work in advance. His work is, as you seem to know, really top of the line stuff. Just PM him I’d say.

edit: They are the same person if ya didn’t know.

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here and here but not here

Here’s a thread I started almost a year and a half ago when I got my first Dave Stockton Super Coker wheel: Hunter36.
Read all the posts…there are links in there to my photos and to Dave’s gallery with videos etc. And you’ve seen the wheel in Universe 2.

Over all that time and so many miles I have been competely happy with Dave’s Super Coker wheels and have had several friends upgrade to them successfully. I can’t think of a time I ever trued either wheel! Not even one or two spokes! And that is thousands of miles including lots of hard offroad. Not to mention plane trips to Norway and New Zealand with the wheel in just a simple non-reinforced cordura bag. If Ryan’s 7 1/2 foot drop doesn’t convince you, then this should.

By coincidence I am heading over to Rick Hunter’s shop this evening to pick up another Hunter36 frame for Beau. I am sold on this combo for long distance riding. I’m also picking up a custom extension handle - basically similar to the old Wygnaowski design, but with these changes:

Adjustable length and height
4 bolts instead of 2
Acts as seatpost clamp
No extension behind the seat, just in front

Scot Cooper worked out this design with Rick a while ago and has been using one for a while on his Hunter36.


I won my National Championship (Marathon at NAUCC 04’) with one, and a GB4 36er frame, another excellent choice for frames. It all starts with wheel though.

I completely agree Mike. It’s all in the wheel. It’s nice to get a custom frame since they are a little stiffer and come with brake mounts and look nicer. But a stock frame, slightly bent, will do. The wheel is king.