Not as unusual as I thought?

I took my new cheap 28 frame and decent hub into Freewheel in Nottingham a week or so again with an order for them to build a lightweight unicycle wheel for me. Freewheel has maybe a dozen employees and a tiny workshop with space to work on I guess 3 or 4 bikes max.

I was in there today for something else and asked, “Any idea how my custom unicycle wheel is coming on? I brought a unicycle frame and hub in last week.”

The shop assistant’s reply? “I’ll check - what’s your surname?”

Well any one of the Nottingham EMUnicyclists could have been in and dropped of a unicycle for repairs. Its a possibility even if not a very likely one.

More likely he was just saying the same things as he always says to customers enquiring about custom stuff.


They were swamped with 28ers to service for UNICON.