Not an unPLANned dismount

Since the British convention is this weekend, and I haven’t ridden for about
a year, I’m riding to work to get some practice. The first day, yesterday,
went pretty well - no unplanned dismounts on the way to work, and only a
couple on the way home, when I had to idle on bumpy slopes waiting for
lights to change.

This morning, however, while I managed again not to come off by accident, I
did provide some unplanned entertainment for the onlookers. I rode up to a
footbridge, whose steps cause the only necessary dismount on my ride to
work. Since I have to carry my unicycle up the steps, the “step off, grab
the tire, and swing the stem into your waiting hand” dismount is useful (and
impressive for anyone watching, for my standards anyway). Unfortunately this
morning I got distracted just as I was about to catch the stem, so the
watchers were instead impressed by me stopping, grabbing the tire, then
throwing my unicycle over my shoulder onto the ground behind me.

Time to pick the unicycle up and run up the steps before they all
start laughing.

Peter Haworth
“Premature optimization is the root of all evil.”
– Donald Knuth

You need to be ready to battle back with dumb comments such as:
“Man, this titanium Uni is just too light for me.”

why not try hopping up the steps next time?

Or: “Whew! Wicked gravity anomaly back there!”

Re: Not an unPLANned dismount

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 12:16:04 -0500, jagur wrote:
> why not try hopping up the steps next time?

When I’ve mastered hopping more than 1/2" at a time, maybe. Until then, this
would have proved just as spectacular a failure as the “throwing” dismount.

Peter Haworth
“To really understand a man, you must first walk a mile in his shoes.
Then, not only will you have his shoes, you’ll be a mile away.”

maybe you…

Maybe you could shout “ohhh I’ve lost an wheel”. This sentence does anyone understand…


Re: maybe you…

Yes, this is a valid sentence and an excellent pun. The article “an” should be replaced by the article “a” in this sentence to follow strict grammatical rules.

If your goal is to master the English language to humor us, you are succeeding.