Not allowed on the boat!

While trying to schedule a trip to catalina tomorrow to ride the trails there, “Catalina Express”, the boat that takes you there, says that while ANY TYPE of two-wheeled Bikes are allowed on the boat, unicyclels are NOT!!! :astonished: I asked why and so now they’ve agreed to “talk to their supervisors” about it and get back to me asap. That seems to be the most rediculous, arbitrary Bulls##T I’ve heard in a long time!

Btw, I called Catalina and they have no problem with unicycles on the island.

maybe they didn’t want all the bikers to get jealous of you for only riding one wheel.

Huh? Any evidence/reference?

Don’t expect them to talk to their supervisors, call them up and if they refuse to let you take the uni, demand to talk to their supervisor/manager or whatever. If they don’t let you, ask again. If they hang up, call back.

Don’t take no for an answer on this one. Fight it!

Take two unicycles and chain them together, making a very flimsy bike.

They just called me back and said it’s ok! The only thing is, is that bike or unis aren’t allowed on the trails…only hikers! But that’s cool, we can still ride all around the island and find plenty of street stuff to hop around on!:smiley:

Something tells me that the signs are only going to say no bikes allowed. :wink:

a loophole! yay!

^^ all the things I love about unicycling

ive been told once by a bus driver “sorry, you cant take your bike on the bus”
i was going to argue but couldnt be f…iretrucked

other times it was fine to take it. you get some weird bus drivers these days. i know one who wears a cowboy hat…

There’s plenty of bike-legal dirt roads you should be able to ride on. Though we didn’t try to explore the whole island, my brother-in-law and nephew took our rental bikes up a mountain road that probably gets visited by very few tourists:

I imagine the singletrack is what’s off limits. That’s where I would like to ride as well, but if we flaunt the rules, the ferry company will eventually return to their old policy of discrimination! :slight_smile:

Though a unicycle is not a bicycle, my policy is one of following the rules for bicycles except in rare cases where it doesn’t make sense. If we act as bicycles, we should be protected by the same rules and laws that they are. If we try to carve our own niche, we’ll have to establish the right to ride in all sorts of places.

lol theres a bus driver from here hes a rasta guy. hes well cool, wears a huge rasta hat as well.

OK matt thats a little weird :sunglasses:

atu you know who i mean
hes well cool

Yeahhhhh man :sunglasses:

Is it Here is their baggage policy.

Says luggage is included but Bikes, Surfboards, etc. are extra charge on a space available basis. I’m a fan of the Samsonite (American Tourister) 35" Wheeled Duffels. You can fit a 24" Muni or any Trials if you pull the pedals. Probably too late for today but in the future bring the uni as checked luggage. Don’t forget the pedal wrench.