Not again

I did it again, I broke my foot right before a parade and the heart walk i was gonna ride in!!!, I might be healedi n time to just ride in the walk, but the parade is on hte 10th, I dont know if i can be healed enough just too ride and no tricks on that one, but even thats questionable…Ohh I almost forgot to tell how i did it, of course it was on my uni, i did a static hop up 6 pallets and once landing on top tehy moved around and i fell back off hte side i jumped up, i made it, but then fell, and my right foot crashed down hitting the heal on the way down moving it to the worst falling position and then put all the wieght on it, i bruised and stress fractured 3 bones on the outside… now isnt that a pisser…

Did you get it on video?

Caw89, Actually real sorry to hear of your break. I enjoyed hearing about your success with the sif hoping, something I need to try. This break is bad news. Hope you heal fast.

Thanks it shouldnt take too long, its just a couple tiny cranks…prolly take a month…but thansk for hte sif hopping complement, earlier that day i hopped up the six pallets thinking id have to do it as hard as i can since i havnt done it for a while, i jumped and tucked so hard i over shot by bout 2 pallets and hit my butt so hardo n the wheel it jumped me off hte pedals…but rememer my pallets are a lil smaller than most i see, so like 6 pallets is only 26-7in…

Hey Cody,

That’s a bummer about your foot. Take the time to let it heal right. You want it mainly for CMW, even if you just come up for the trials day.

S L O W D O W N;)

Get Well Soon.:slight_smile:

i dont know the meaning of hte owrds slow down, youve seen how I talk…lol, well im only gonna go up for hte trials, itl be healed by then, i think, im gonan try and ride hte parade, even if its calm riding with no good tricks…i should still be able to make it out to hte heart walk later…