not able to turn right

I can ride in cicrle going left but I always bail or fall when I try and trun right. Why can’t I do a simple thing like turning right. I can go forward, backwards, idle, jump, hop , but I can’t turn right :angry:

I ride a Torker LX 24"

Try grabbing a pole with your right hand and riding around and around it. Get the feel that your wheel has to reach out to the left to go right. GL.

Are you free mounting or using a support to mount?

I had a similar problem and found that it was at least partially due to always mounting with my right foot if free mounting, or always with support on my right side. I tried mounting the other way and somehow that helped me with my right turns.

for a while anyway…the problem resurfaces from time to time and I haven’t totally licked it.

But I’ve found with any problem that just changing the way I mount or changing the place I practice can really help. And practice practice practice.

U-Turn, are you saying that to start turning right it takes a slight bump to the left? In motorcycling this is called “countersteering” and is an essential skill for mastering the bike. I’m surprised I haven’t thought to apply this to the unicycle! I’ll certainly give this a try next time I’m out there. :smiley:

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do.

You’re probably thinking about it too much. Go play uni basketball or hockey or something that will take your mind off what you’re doing.

I am freemounting with my left foot. I will try to mount with my right next time

just grab a pole and try spin around it, it is easy and should work! (maybe)

harder than it sounds. i’ve always mounted with my left foot and now i can’t mount with my right unless i’m practically hanging on to something for dear life.

i had the same problem with turning, except not only could i not turn right, it was hard for me to NOT turn left. i ended up realizing it was because i was learning on a driveway that was slanting toward the left. it was sort of a blessing in disguise, though, because it helped me learn to unicycle on bumpy grassy offroad areas. if i turned left, i would end up going down this tiny hill and on the grass around the house. ;D

it will come just keep practicing going around a pole

You’ll get the hang of it…after you get good at jumping/stalling, and have good control over the uni, it gets a lot easier to learn.

Most of unicycling seems to be like that…totally unrelated skills help each other out.

To the OP: I learned with a fence on my right side, so I had the same problem…U-turn’s pole idea definitely sounds great (it’s also a load of fun once you get good at it)…I’m surprised I’ve never seen that idea come up in one of these threads

Heh, I still can’t mount with my left foot, and I’ve been riding for almost 9 months.

I’ve never really seen you trying…

I spent most of the summer riding alone, dude.

that is exactly my problem about the driveway sloped to the left. I am able to freemount with my right but it just doesn’t feel right. I will keep paracticing