Not a unicycle - Looking for a miniature bicycle

Not sure if this is the right part of the forum or not, but I am looking for someone to build a custom miniature bicycle, smaller to those on the market.
If anyone knows of someone that could do this please pass on their details.
I couldnt find any circus forums to post this on.
I do a comedy sports show with unicycles and a small bike but want something tiny for travel.

The Qu-ax ones aren’t small enough? A friend of mine has one, and it’s so small it’s hard to ride. I’m 181cm.

I’m a frame builder, I’d be interested in doing something like that. But shipping to NZ would be insane, and I can’t really help you with wheels!

re: Qu-ax bike

I’ve had a Qu-ax bike its too big for what I’m after I also have a custom one a bit smaller than that but its still too big and too heavy for travel.
I would be totally interested if you think you could build something.
I can email you some details if you want.
And no worries about shipping costs etc, trust me I seem to have to get everything these days from overseas anyways.

Shoot me an email with details at We can talk :wink:

Thanks for replying

Thanks I just sent you an email.