NOS - FM1701 Surly Conundrum Unicycle Frame 24" Black

Picked this up recently on a whim, thinking I’d build up a unicycle and then started pricing out components and… maybe I’m in over head for a novice.

This is new in the box. There are various shims of some sort, a seatpost clamp, and the frame. $400 to lower 48.

Sorry, weird photo requirements here. Took me a second to figure it out.


Please don’t take this as an offense, but you are trying to sell a very old design frame for a wheelsize almost no one uses anymore. You may want to reconsider your price point, if you want this to sell.

uni dreams, beware!

This is a true classic, the price is good!

It is a classic however you will need to wait for a collector who will pay for it or someone who really wants to build a 24" fat tyre which is much harder to build than 26" (I know I have done it).

There are not a huge number of either and if someone really wanted to build a 24" fat tyre but werent a collector they would probably prefer to pay a bit less and get a lighter custom built aluminium frame from Flansberrium.

Not impossible to sell, but may take a bit :slight_smile:

The Collector.

Agree, and I have mine.

Sorry, I didnt find much price history so I figured I’d start where I started. Make me a reasonable offer and this will be yours.

How about $350?

It’s not that hard to build…

This is one of the greatest unicycle frames ever made. I took mine to a custom framebuilder and had a disk brake tab and cable guides welded on and painted for a reasonable price and have a unicycle that will do anything. Even if you go with the best of everything, you’re at less than the cost of a very mediocre bike.

Lots of people seem to think this an awesome rig but it’s still available. Up on ebay with a lot of watchers but obviously prefer to save some fees and sell it here. Thanks!