Nortstar At Tahoe 07/08


While training to be in good enough shape for this I over did it this weekend. I ended up spending almost two full days in bed w/ a sore back.:frowning:

I was just looking at the Downieville Classic XC race. It’s scheduled for Saturday, July 12th. I think it’d be fun (in a masochistic way :wink: ) to participate in the race and then spend a few days after playing at Northstar.

All the bikes would be going several times faster than you. They’d hate you. Might be fun to watch though, around one of the technical sections!

All? I think it could be doable in under 4 hours. I just want to try to beat my younger self on a bike (03:24:01.070) and not be dead last. Granted I probably would’ve been under 3 hours if I hadn’t gotten a flat half way down the mountain only to discover that my patch kit’s glue was dried up.

Race or not, I’d like to do a Downieville ride too if I were to drive all the way up there for Northstar. It could be like CMW, only not. :wink:

I would love to do that sometime as well but not this year as I will be at NAUCC!

Because of that (and I’m going to a wedding on the 12th), I was thinking of the following weekend, July 19, 20.


Well, my budget is going to be a lot tighter than I thought and I don’t think I’ll be able to do this in July. Maybee at the end of summer.

Feel free to organize yourselves for a group trip (I think it should be late enough by now to seriously start planning).

IM IN (but probably won’t go):frowning:

I just have RTL until the 21st of teh June, and after that I’d love to spend a weekend doing that! Hopefully by then I’ll have my KH24… I kind of need a MUni to be able to ride MUni :slight_smile:

Jacquie and I are still going to be in Europe until August 16. I’m much more likely to be able to make weekends after that. Their season usually runs through the end of September.

I just saw on the NorCal forum that Northstar is opening for mountain biking on Memorial Day weekend! I imagine that the top of the mountain would still be covered in snow, but maybe not. Anyway, just thought I’d throw this in, as an FYI.

Cool. And snow at the top wouldn’t be a factor unless you decided to slog the last 500 vertical feet to get up there. The summer lifts don’t go that high. But if you’ve seen the famous picture below, that was taken at the top. At the second California Mountain Unicycle Weekend (1997), Jonathan Young, Brett Bymaster and Roger Davies decided to ride to the top of the mountain. From the village. 2500’ of up, ending at 8500’ elevation, in 1:15. Sickos. See the rest of his shots from that day. The three unicycles appear to be a Pashley (Brett), a Roger Davies carbon, and a Semcycle. Our equipment has come a long way since then!


I still can’t go, but I hope you guys do. So which date and who’s going?

I’d love to hear what it’s like, as well as see some pics and vids :o:)

I don’t know where it is, when it is, or really anything about it. I’m guessing Big Bear? Links and info would be great id anyone has it. I may have seen it a while back but it’s long since deleted-accidentally!:o

I found the schedule here:

I forgot it was in Tahoe! That’s about 500 miles fordriving for me so I may not go because of the distance.:frowning:

You guys could go to Mamouth instead. (rated best mtb park in US in '07, not sure how it’d be for Muni)

That’d be 1.5 hrs closer to you according to yahoo.

I assume you mean “mammoth”? Yeah for some reason I was thinking of that. I’ll check it out thanks.


So, is there a date set for this, or has it been scrapped? Trying to figure out my schedule, and see if there’s room for this on it!

Hey everybody, looks like this got derailed before anything ever happened.

are we gonna do this, or what? :slight_smile: (or… has it already been happened and i’m just living under ze rock?)

there’s still time for that early august date! methinks, sooner we do some muni, the better…

[OT]Welcome back Chuck. Good riding at Unicon.[/OT]