Northwest Unicycle Clinic 2009

Northwest Unicycle Clinic 2009
May 9th, 2009

  • Who: Panther Pride Unicycle Team invites [U]you[/U]!
  • What: Riding, learning, eating, laughing, etc.
  • When: May 9th, 2009
  • Where: North Bend Elementary, North Bend, WA
More details to follow, [I]keep the date open![/I]

I went to this and it was a great clinic. I teach Elem. PE and I ride as well and the two kids I took picked up a lot of new skills. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a well organized event that shows people what the next level looks like. There are a lot of extra volunteers to break skills down into small components, new activities, structured and semi structured races and events. It doesn’t cost much considering the food and amount of activities there are to choose from like trials and freestyle skills as well as advice on how to prepare teams for demonstrations and parades. Outstanding.

Hmm…for some reason that last post wanted to sell me Viagra. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

Saving up my cash now to come visit everybody up there in the North Bend area. I miss hanging with you guys, See you May 9th!

Northwest Unicycle Clinic 2009, details

Saturday, May 9th
Registration - $15 per rider

Registration flyer and form are attached


  • Opening Skill Jam - 9:45
  • AM Skills Clinics - 10:00-12:15
  • USA Skill Levels
  • Trials/Street
  • Concessions: 10:00-4:30
  • Hotdogs, Pizza, Snacks, Drinks
  • Lunch Options: $3:00-$4:00
  • PM Skills Clinics - 1:00-2:30
  • Off-Road Ride
  • Trials
  • Track
  • USA Skill Level Testing
  • Public Show Practice - 1:45
  • Public Show/Team & Coaches Clinic - 2:30

Hope to see you there!

Registration Form 2009.doc (2.62 MB)

can adults attend this event or is it kids only?

Anyone and everyone! The majority will be school age kids but there will be riders of all ages and abilities. Last year we had several older non-riders show up just out of curiosity and we had them riding before the day was over. :smiley:

I’ve got my bus tickets and all that. I’ll see you there! Any ideas what the trials course will be like yet?

i may be there

It will probably very similar to how it is every year.

What do you mean how will it be like? What would you like to know about it?

The trials course isn’t like what you will find at NAUCC but still a lot of fun. A local rider has portable equipment that he sets up on the blacktop in front of the gym and also has boxes of safety gear for people to use. Nothing very high or dramatic, just stuff to practice on.

BTW: if you still get free shoes you can bring me a pair! :smiley:

I’ve never been. lol I dunno what I want to know about it. I need some new shoes before i come up haha

Clinic trials setup

Here is a link to a post that Unityler posted about the 2007 clinic … the last photo shows some of the ‘trials’ setup that is usually there.

Glad to see that your coming. Have you talked with Beck lately? PM me.

Ok cool, I remember that thread. PM’d

It turns out I get to go to the clinic after all. I coach semi-pro football and I was going to miss the clinic due to a home game. But the other team canceled so the weekend is open. I am going to try to bring several of my students from McKenna Elementary. Good times.

See you there George! just one more week!

Seattle meetup group

I’m starting a Seattle uni meetup group

I figured that some in this thread might be interested.

Why do you have it on the same day as the clinic?

I would like to go to the Seattle Unicycle Meetup Group, but I do not want to miss the Northwest Unicycle Clinic. Maybe we should have it on Sunday? Maybe the 16th?

That’s awesome, George. We’ll see you there!

That was a mistake, the date is correct now, the following weekend. Thanks!