Northwest Trails // Unicycle Downhill

So finally after a long time my first unicycle video for this year is finished…
It were the first rides of the year because we had a lot of snow until may :frowning: but we look forward to make some good rides next months…:wink:

Shoot at the Trails of Kohlern and Plose(Unicon 16 Expert Downhill Track) on a Canon eos 550d…

Hope you like it…:wink:

It doesn’t work

It worked for me. Is it blocked for you?

Nice work with the brake. That trail is steep.

Me too.

Really good :sunglasses:
I think that’s the widest angle I’ve seen on a uni vid. (full theatrical movie width)

It works now, before it said that the video was made unavailable by the uploader.

Well done!

i like it :slight_smile: breaks are great arnt they :slight_smile:

Breaks are awesome…;D

Disk would be s fun there!!

I personally don’t like disks (you have to watch on the disk at the transport, ect…)…

Pro-looking video

Very pro-looking video. Great editing, the camera angles are awesome, just the right amount of slow motion, nice establishing shots. Great! The riding too. It’s alright to see a crash/upd as it adds something to the ‘story’. If you asked me, I would give you guys five starsoutta 5 stars for this video.Excellent all around .:slight_smile:

The disks really aren’t that fragile… yeah you have to be a little more careful with them, but their totally worth it.
A few weeks ago I slipped off a skinny landing on the disc, the disc put a nasty dent in the board but was unharmed. I’ve also never bashed the disc on a rock during a year of riding on the shore with it.

I really enjoyed the video! You made those steep techy sections look smooth!

I break more maguras than disk

That was an awesome video. Loved everything about it. :slight_smile: Great riding and filming in insanely steep terrain. :smiley: