Northstar videos with corbin

Corbin Dunn, Mike S. Colin Daw, Chris L. Jess Reigal, Bevin, and I went to northstar yesterday. we took a couple of videos, they give no justice to the steepness, rockyness, and loosness of the terrain, but they are kinda cool. it was a great time
they start at: Bevan cool line.avi
and end at: Trey teeter.avi

hope u like them!

What awesome terrain! I loved the videos, it looks like it was a really fun ride. Wish I could have made it. :wink:

…one day.


the insanity one looks like SOOO much fun!

I am SORE today! That was awesome. We must do Northstar again this season.

My quad from that stupid biff is a bit sore, and a tendon in my right (seat grabbing arm) feels tight, but otherwise I’m not sore at all.

I wouldn’t’ve called that video of me on STD “cleaning” it, since I fell at the end, but i seem to remember getting it later. Next time I’d like to roll a bit more of STD, since on my tries this time I hopped a bunch.

The “insane” drop was intimidating since the rollout was hard to stop on, but when done it’s pretty smooth, so long as you go with it. I probably wouldn’t have done it if Corbin hadn’t done it first. He proved that it wasn’t so bad.

There are so many spots to challenge yourself rolling that you actually have to be choosy. An example is the terrain leading up to the drop Corbin and I did. Those spots were entirely rollable, but they wouldn’t give you many setup choices for the following drop.

In retrospect, I think one fo the most important aspects of riding on trails as difficult and unpredictable as Northstar is to not only be aware of what you plan to ride in a line, but where you’ll go if you miss. On more difficult lines I was defitely considering where I’d land if I fell just as much as where I intended to ride. That terrifying log ride (the one with the downhill turn) near the ladder bridges was an example.

hey cool videos! that camera produces some neat little flicks.

i had a blast riding Northstar with everyone. it was really cool. i got a few bruises, but otherwise i’m not as sore as i expected to be. that terrain was really cool; what made it super difficult was all the dirt and dust.

as mike said, i’m sure we’ll plan another ride this season. Join the bay area muni list:

…if you’d like to be informed of bay area rides.


we should definatly ride again this summer. it was such a blast!

Looking good there Corbin (and all the rest). Mighty hard to keep traction on that steep stuff when there’s all that loose dirt on top.


You are so right! It was steep and rocky with tons of loose dirt. The pictures don’t do it justice. We were sliding all over the place.

It was still a blast though.

I highly recommend anyone in the area to check it out. We rode mostly double diamonds, but there’s easier runs. Also, some of the toys are pretty cool.

Yeah, the loose dirt ain’t much of a problem till the trail jacks up steep like, then the transitions between the rocks becomes sketchy becaue you can punch out of traction so easily. Backpresure too much and the Muni just skids out underneath you. Those Black Diamond runs look really hard to “clean” without a ton of dismounts.


The single black diamond trails were much easier than the double blacks. There were decent stretches of the double blacks that were completely clean-able (in my opinion). Then you would hit sections like STD. You could take the easy lines or the hard ones. There was an easy way around STD, for example. (it was like a completely different fork in the trail) Most of the DH bikers took it, but none of us did. Even on the hardest sections, they were still possible to “clean” with enough concentration and attempts. I don’t think we ever tried much stuff more than 5 times, except for STD, though.

Avoiding pedal strikes was difficult.

The dust at the bottom of some sections pissed me off. It was so deep you’d hit a mid-size rock and expect it to hold, and instead it’d slide all over the place.

On some sections you got no choice but to fly through them, and crash your tire over even the bigger rocks (not good for the rim). Large rolling gaps to get to a different line were also really helpful, especially if you are following too closely when someone in front of you falls.

hey all, i’m finally back on my posting name ( i was posting under trey (lancerfan))
had a blast in tahoe w/ everyone!!!


that’s the freefor all gallery right? Cause I was wondering why I sudenly found my sexy franco voice and legs in one of those videos. hahaha