Northshore & trial Slovenia

Our new movie, made this month… Hope you like it! :sunglasses:

I’m the guy dress in Black with blond hair :smiley: doing only trial <3

hell hard bails hope you guys are okey.

really enjoyed the northsore stuff, looked really fun. Where are the triails located? Slovenia? trials was good aswell but liked the 24" stuff more.

nice video keep it up.

Northshore is located near Celje called Lopata… :smiley: I’m glad you liked it… We have a lot of northshores in Slovenia…
You can expect more soon… :slight_smile:

EDITED: I didn’t see you asked for trial location :stuck_out_tongue: It’s located in Celje. :slight_smile:

gosh… how embarrassing… you got me right. i wanted to know where the trails are located.

Great introduction lol, realy nice bails. All round very good, both the north shore and the trials.

Johann3s :smiley: Im sorry! My English is very bad! :roll_eyes:

The Distance is pretty much the coolest song ever. I liked the variety, the fast gliding was cool, and the bails looked painful!

Great video. The Northshore stuff was great, and the bails did look painful.

Great vid guys. Makes me want to get out on the Northshore again!


Thank you all… :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

Give me more … North Shore!! Enjoyed the hard riding out on those trails.
Slovenia seems like a fun uni setting.

Yeap, here in Slovenia are more and more riders and we are one of the first here…