Northshore quest...

Yesterday I began my quest to find some northshore stuff here in Brisbane. I’d heard many rumours about it existing but had no idea it was this good! I haven’t visited any of these places yet and the better of the two is not actually open yet but I’m excited. Here’s what I found:

Hilltop Oasis MTB Park - This place is currently being built and it’s going to be amazing when it’s done. It’s a whole park put aside for mountain biking (and of course muni). It’ll hopefully open in a few months and it’ll have camping facilities and other handy things as well. It’ll only cost $10 per day and there’ll be lots of cross country, downhill and northshore. As the thread’s title would suggest, I’m particularly interested in the northshore. I’ve never done any real northshore before and it looks like so much fun. The northshore sections in the photos are only the start. They’re going to build much more there. That set of three different sized drops side by side goes something along the lines of 3’, 7’, 10’. I just know that the top one is a 10’ drop. I can’t wait to try this place out!

Castle Hill - This place is already open but only really has the little bit of northshore you can see in the smaller group of three pictures. It’s still worth checking out though…hopefully I’ll be able to buy a replacement Profile crank holding-on bolt thingy soon so I can start muni-ing again. It’s killing me! This place is free.

I’m so surprised about this MTB Park. It’s such a good idea and it’ll have things to do for any level of riding. I can’t wait to try it out!

I strongly encourage you people to do a little northshore search if you like that sort of riding.


Here’s the castle hill stuff.

On a different topic, is there any way to post multipe photos in one post using the “Browse…” button?

And, is there a better way to make the groups of photos that I made than by using Word?