Northern VA and DC Unicycling Interest?

Are there any unicyclists who are interested in riding the W&OD or Mt Vernon Trail Saturday mornings? I have a 29" uni and can ride about 15 miles. I’m somewhat new, can’t freemount yet, but determined to improve.

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking for distance or muni riding? I’ve ridden with some distance riders, and would be interested in a ride. I could also put you in touch with some muni riders if that’s your interest. I’ve ridden with some distance riders and would be interested in a 10 miler.

I am in the DC area and would enjoy riding with others that are interested. I have a 36" and a 24" MUNI. I would be up for whatever kind of riding the group wanted. The suggestion for a 10 miler sounds like fun. Muni riding or just messing around in a parking lot would be fun too.

It sounds like there would be at least 3 of us. Any others interested?

I have a street tire and limited experience off road. Personally, I’m more interested in a paved trail until I get better. Since I’m still learning to free mount, I need a post or something to mount. 10 miles is good. I was thinking 0800 Saturdays.

I have family commitments on Saturday mornings during July and August but have flexibility for other times.

Pavement sounds good. We have lots of great paved bike trail options in the area (e.g., W&OD, Custis, Four Mile Run, Mount Vernon Trail, Capitol Crescent Trail, etc.).

OK, what days and times work better?

How about Sunday morning at 8 AM instead?

I also regularly ride at 6 AM or 6:30 AM on weekdays in the summer to get out before it gets too hot.

Sunday mornings would be tough, going to church. I work 0600 during the week. What about Sat or Sun later in the day?

Mornings would be easiest for me to schedule consistently, so it’ll depend on the weekend as to whether or not I could join. I have a KH 36er, 24" Torker LX, and a giraffe. Do you all want to try to meet up this coming Saturday, 7/9? If we do the Mount Vernon trail, I can probably do a 10 mile ride since it’s pretty flat. The hills on Custis would kick my butt too much since I’m getting back into shape. Thoughts? Should we get a private message going or email to hash out details?

I’d be interested. I’m Rockville and have a 24 and 27.5 muni. Let me know once you hash out the details

OK, possibly a Sat afternoon ride, maybe start at the W&OD and Gallows to split the difference. Thoughts? What time works for everyone?

OK, final notification for a ride on the W&OD this weekend, July 16, 0630.

The location is:

Vienna Community Center
120 Cherry St SE
Vienna, VA

We expect to have possibly 5 riders.

Just refreshing this post in case there are other DC, MD, or VA riders that would be interested in joining. We have a group that’s consistently getting together for group rides. Feel free to post on here or send a PM if you’re interested in joining.

Just picked up a unicycle a few weeks ago (no name 24" on Craigslist). Would love to join y’all once I can actually ride! (currently can’t make it more than 12-15ft)

That is so impressive, your commitment to learning, excellent mental condition.... ;) Today, the front path, tomorrow the world....:D

I’m in College Park Maryland, just moved here for Grad School, and I’d love to ride with some folks! I’m busy all the time, but if there are rides happening, I might be able to figure it out.

Hope to see you all soon!

Haha you flatter me :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the encouragement though! Currently falling a lot, but slowly going farther. Hope to be able to do long distance soon!

MaxK and pfalvi if you haven’t heard from anyone already, shoot me a PM with your email addresses. I’ll toss you into the mailing list so you know when we are riding.

pfalvi and MaxK, welcome to the DC area and welcome to unicycling, respectively. It would be awesome for you to join us. I’ll probably coordinate a practice session in a tennis court for the morning of Oct 29. That’s definitely an any skill level kind of ride if you can make it out.

To echo Skunkman, just send one of us a PM and we will add you to the next email chain.

pfalvi, what type of riding do you typically do? What unicycle(s) do you have?

Oh wow a practice session would be awesome! Would be great to get some tips especially since I don’t have any friends who can unicycle (at least not that I know of haha)