Northern Ontario Harper Ride: Nov 11

I might be able to fix my mtb in time. I’ll let you know.

Hmm, where exactly is this?

4 hours west on hwy 17


Oh, Im guessing thats from London. Hmm, well, I’m a few hours east from there.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

I’m pretty sure I have reached expiration.

Any chance of bumming a helmet, also? That would mean that all I have to pack to ride are pads, hydration pack, gloves, and swimsuit, all of which lay flat and are soft and easily packed.

What’s the transportation situation with this ride? Am I meeting you guys somewhere or are you coming through on your way to North Bay? This will be on Armistice Day so there will be thousands of parades to deal with.

Brent left yesterday and is still interested in a mountainbike if one shows up. If not, he’s just a bike rider…who cares?

I’ll lend you a helmet.

Sudbury is out of the way of North Bay. You would, in theory, be making the 50 or so minute drive to North Bay to attend the ride. I have no experience with Sudbury area trails, but the trails in North Bay are worth a several hour drive, noo doot aboot it.

Hopefully the roads between north bay and sudbury aren’t closed for Armistice Day, I know our Prime Minister (canadian for President) attends parades all over the country handing out maple syrup to the local Inuit.

I’d be more concerned about the roads being closed due to the harsh winter conditions we’re experiencing so far this winter. That, and the annual polar bear migration south to Toronto.

I, of course, grew up with your prime minister and know him well. How harsh is the winter so far? Will I need leggings with that bathing suit?

It’s been fine. I believe the temperature will be cold to start, forgotten in 10 mins. There may or may not be snow. i would be most concerened out ears and finger tips.

I will be wearing shorts (and potentially long sleeves), and bringing some gloves and toque…we call hats toques…in my camelback

We’ve had some snow here in North Bay, but it hasn’t stayed. The average temp the past week has been around 5 Celcius. All the leaves are down off the trees now, and the trails are awesome.

Do you need a place to sleep for Saturday night Harper? If so, you are welcome to our spare room.

Toasty temperature, that. If it got really cold I would ride with sweatpants and that would probably be too much anyway with padding. Long sleeves are almost always too much. I will have full fingered riding gloves and also some insulated winter gloves and a wool cap. Some combination of what I bring will be warm enough.

Thanks for the rooming offer, Tim, but I will only be about an hour away as I understand it so I will probably just mosey on home.

Wow, it’s been warm here. It’s not supposed to freeze until Friday night and even then stay above freezing through the weekend. Any directions cooked uo from Lively, ON yet? How about a ride time, too?

i’m writing them up to email you them now.

Naturally, it snowed the night before Rememberance Day (Armistice Day, Veterans Day, November 11) so we postponed until today, November 12. It was snowy, sloppy conditions and I got to ride Tim’s Coker and his MUni. Brian, true to his nature, wouldn’t share. Actually, I think we all rode everything.

The trail system in North Bay was fun with mostly gradual climbs and nice downhills. Unfortunately the stunts have been removed from the trails for the most part. We covered some small fraction of the entire network in a couple hours of riding. The snow didn’t hide too much of the dangerous pointy rocks or roots so it wasn’t tense making the ride thinking one might be impaled at any moment.

Brian and Tim were fantastic hosts and it would have been nice if there were a larger turnout. So many people think they have more important things to do than meeting unicyclists from other places. For some reason they put businesses (Darren, where were you), classes (Ryan, where were you) families (Carl where were you) first which is too bad because these guys were a joy to ride with. It’s a shame that Tim is a “lone rider” because he’s generous, fun, and a talented rider.

I got to meet Brian’s parents and they are understandedly ashamed of him. We went to a diner after the ride and chowed down. This could be my last trip to this part of Ontario unless Tim and I go again next weekend.

Unicyclists are the best and most accommodating folks wherever you go. Thanks, Ontario.

I’m glad you made it up for the ride Greg, and honored to share my unis with you (I’ll have to get a much longer seat post for the next time). I hope we can ride again this weekend, as I’m always game. If anyone else is up to it, it’s only about 3 hours from T.O., and there are accomodations for some.

And by the way, you didn’t have to lie about me being generous and all that, but thanks buddy. See ya soon.

did you find that special feature yet tim? TWNR->ride notes->UW36 scene, highlight previous->press down->press enter

No… but thanks for reminding me. lol. I’ll check it out tonite.