Northern Ontario Harper Ride: Nov 11

Who wants to come out for some great MUni riding on some of my favourite trails to MUni on?

Mixed technical, ups/downs, rocks…

Nothing too hard, the only limiting factor is rider fatigue. If you can ride for a few hours, you will have a great time on these trails.

Anyone who has been doing the 24hr race in Mansfield with us, these trails are very similar, with much less climbing (but definite climbing)

The ride would be on Saturday (is Harper good for Sunday as well?) We can have great riding in completely different areas in North Bay if we ride both days

While not technically a filming adventure, I will have my camera in the camelback, you know, just in case

Who’s Harper? Is he one of them thar cell phones?

Either Saturday or Sunday should be fine.

What size uni do you ride, Harper? There is a good mix of Muni trails, and Coker trails!

I’m not going to haul a Coker to Ontario. I’ll bring a MUni with a 24x3 Gazz. It’s a Steve Howard model that is easy to disassemble and put into a suitcase. If anyone around has a spare Coker and you guys want to ride Coker trails, I’m in. In fact, if I can avoid bringing a unicycle at all that would just make my life easier. But I’ve brought the SH MUni and all my pads before. Brian wouldn’t let me wear the cow pads.

Crap, that is the weekend I’m in Seatle.

You can borrow my MUni if you want, and I will ride my Schlupmf

24x3" w/160 Profiles, kh converrted air saddle

I would love to come, but I live in VIrginia,USA!

Then you can ride Harper’s Coker. I’ve got a good pipe cutter to get the seat to a more reasonable height.

Harper’s coming, and he lives in Seattle or something

Will you be available for riding? I’d hope the SARs could muster a couple riders and a spare unicycle to honor the occassion.

I’m possibly out of country that date, but it’s not finalized yet. If I’m here, I’d love to ride with you. If I’m gone, you have the loan of my <a href=“Hunter 24"”> Or my GB4 36 if a distance ride is what is decided.

That said, I’d rather ride with you than not. Will have to see how the travel issue works out. If I’m here, I’m confident we could find a uni.

But back to my original question…

And also, is there a connection here? If we send Harper away more often, will we get you in return?

If anyone needs a place to crash, let me know. And bring gloves and somewhat warmer clothes… it’s been cooler here lately.

Thanks for the invite. Both you and Steve. Looks like my plans are changing, and I will be flying out of John Wayne Airport on Sunday that weekend instead of Seatle. My wife has from friends from college that we were going to try and see, but I just found out my Grandfather has lung cancer and we decided to spend more time in AZ instead of jumping around the country.

No doubt we would have to cut down Harpers uni to fit me. :smiley: I doubt he would mind or notice with all the uni’s he has.

No. Tom just modifies and sells all of our unicycles to other people. I don’t have that many more for some reason. I hope you get a chance to come up here, Chad. Even better would be while I was here so I could protect my stable.

Anyone wanna come down and get me? I’d love to come.

Thanks, I think I’ll take you up on that. That way I just bring pads and a helmet beyond what I would normally carry. My inseam is 35" (89cm.) Do you have a seatpost long enough for me?

There will be a guy who is an avid mountain biker there at the same time. Anybody have an MB he can borrow to come along and see how slow we are?

Actually he spans more time than me. I think his stint is 1 Nov to 1 Dec. Mine is 5 Nov to 20 Nov. I have the tickets and there is no turning back. See you guys on the 11th, 12th, or both.

Seatpost: Yes
Bike: no

Cool. Thanks. Don’t forget to sabotage it like I sabotaged your bowling game. Sweet revenge. I can just see the left crank coming off while I’m on an elevated skinny with rocks below me.


Per our agreement we’re shipping you Harper. The eight cases of Molsen Canadian we agreed on as payment have not yet arrived. Please pay up promptly, or we might be forced to ship you “damaged goods”.


In this day and age, one can never be too careful, I will send you those cases of beer once I have determined that the product you have sent me has not exceeded it’s best before date.