Northeast Unicycle Convention?

As long as I’ve been a unicyclist none of the NUACC conferences have been in the Northeast (US). Why? Will they ever come my way? Or is it a good idea for people like me who want to compete but don’t want to buy airline tickets to halfway across the continent to start our own competition? Does anybody know how to get something like this MOVING?
Thanks for any ideas you can provide. By the way, if anybody lives in the northeastern part of this country (US) please let it be known. I want to know how many of us there are. Is it worth it, ya know?

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The NAUCC is held anywhere in the US or Canada, but the location is decided on by who steps up and volunteers to run the convention.


Have you been to a Unatics club meet in NYC?

We typically have anywhere from 10-30 riders at a meet. Details at We have 150 unicyclists on our mailing list. Some drive several hrs to join us. Lot of fun.

Maybe someday we’ll hold a convention in NYC, but for now, I think the members are all pretty busy - though we always have time to get together and ride.

The NJ Muni invitational was a lot of fun too. There are some good pics at

Joe Merrill

I’m from Pennsylvania. It would be nice if there was one closer, but, like Gilby said, it depends on who is willing to host it. If it is in Minnesota next summer, that’s not as bad as Washington state like it was last year. But I guess it would be quite far for you if you’re in Connecticut.


Re: Northeast NAUCC

Well, I hinted at it in a previous thread, but I will reiterate that it would be nice for the Unatics in association, perhaps with Scott Bridgman to bring the NAUCC right here to the NYC metropolitan area.

Of course, this is pretty easy for me to suggest.

I would say that historically, while there has been plenty of unicycling going on in the Northeast, there is less of a tradition of organized unicycling as there is in the Midwest and West. So, while volunteering others in the role of organizers, I would also say that it would behoove those of us in the area to pitch in however we could to make it happen.

Raphael (planting the seeds) Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Maybe it would be a good idea to have a Northeastern meet somewhere like New York City, to kind of unite all the northeastern unicyclists and get an idea of how many there are and everything, and during that meet decide if it would be possible to host a National Unicycle Convention in the Northeast.

The convention was in Toronto a couple years ago, and that’s not too far away. (from me) :smiley: It’s about equal distance to Toronto or to New York City from where I live. (maybe a little closer to Toronto). Anyway, I’m just saying that it’s not ALWAYS out west. :slight_smile:

I’ve never been to a convention, but I’m hoping to go next summer.