North West unicyclist

are there any unicyclists in the north west of england?? well i know there are but what evens and stuff go on??

i think i saw a pic of a big groupe of unicycles going up rivington pike

thats right behind my house

anywho tell us if you know any groupes or stuff in lanchasire

Me and a mate of mine ride Rivington Pike quite often. We both live in Bolton, but I am away at university at the moment. If your into MUni the pikes got some good downhill sections.

There are some other people who sometimes go unicycling up there, but I cant remember who.

Theres also a unicycle club in Denton, and the Cumbria MUni club.


i would be said mate, probably organise a ride up the pike sometime if you like, i dont get out to ride as much as i should as im far too lazy…

couple of good downhill runs in the chinese gardens and down from the pike, certainly a good afternoons ride if muni is your thing


ive never riden Muin i only have a 20" trails unicycle so it propbaly wouldnt be a good dea going up on that i

its all rideable on a 20" i would say, you should head up for a play around sometime, wasnt at all busy last time we went up, good place for an afternoons ride, theres also a few quarrys nearby that are good for trials

yeah i might drag my mate up thre aswell he has my old shitty unicycle it falls to pieces when u ride it

Hi there,

We run a weekly unicycle club over in Denton (East side of Manchester) which you’re more than welcome to come along to. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm.

Here’s a link to directions recently posted when we organised a hockey tournament. There’s also a map of the school grounds showing where our hall is.

I ride up and around Rivington practically every weekend. At the moment I’m up there Saturday mornings just as it gets light (for a couple of hours). You’re more than welcome to come along for a ride, but I must say it’s more muni than trials that I do.

Maybe see you up there.

There is quite a few North-West riders. Some off the top of my head.


there are loads more…

I’m mainly a muni person ( i do have a nimbus 20) but I always tend to post before and after any event organised by myself. Sometimes it’s quite late notice :wink:

I wouldn’t mind doing Rivington again sometime as I haven’t gone through the Chinese gardens.

next time some1 is going up rivington or somthing give us a mesage or somthing

about the denton club thing its a bit far away but i might pop up one week if i can perswade my dad to give me a lift