North West Muni Ride 21/22 Jan (Rivington, UK)

It seems we have a few riders in the North West of the UK who are interested in meeting up and riding at Rivington, near Bolton. So, how about meeting up for 3 to 4 hours of muni madness either Saturday (21st) or Sunday (22nd) Jan? Depending on the weather we would meet either the Sat or the Sun morning at 9am. Hopefully people can be flexible with the days, but if you’re interested in coming along then reply to this post letting me know if you have a preference over one day or the other (just in case the weather’s kind over the whole weekend).

I’ll see what response I get before posting further information.

The riding will be muni, but it’s possible to ride on a 20" trials uni. There’s quite a bit that’s actually best suited to trials over muni anyway.

The invite is to all, but I must stress, it will be fairly strenuous (due to the ride being hilly) and in parts technical. On the really technical section there’s an easier way down, so that’s not a problem. We’ll still be taking it quite easy as I don’t know peoples fitness/ability. It’ll be a great opportunity to meet other local riders, which I’m looking forward to. Incidentally, you don’t have to live in the NW to come along on this ride! The riders who haven’t been up to Rivington before will find tons of muni and trials to test themselves and there’s lots of steps and rocks to play on (if it’s not raining).

Please ensure you have adequate body armour. I personally use full body armour (head, elbow, wrist, knee/shin), but that’s mainly because of one of the very technical sections.

As long as you’re competent at riding off road, then you should come along and play!!

I’ll keep you posted.

Cool i’ll see what I can do. The car is due an MOT on Saturday but i’ll try and put that forward as Saturday is the better of the two days for Craig and myself.

i migth come down to meet u guys bit i dont think ill be dpoing the ride (ill practise a bit before doing that) its only down road so yeah

where do u meet up?? u must have a meeting point then all set off right (im new to this so correct me if im worung)

OK thats a yes for me and Craig for the Saturday. dale_dale I guess it’s likely we would meet in one of the carparks? but i’ll leave that to Steve.

I’m afraid we can’t do Sunday :frowning:

hmm, cant really do the sat, unless it was morning, as i will be at the bolton match at 3pm, could do sunday though, or i may join you for a little while if it fits in.

Which bits are you planning to ride steve? from the pike and through the chinese gardens?


Lets make it Saturday 21st then (weather permitting). If we meet up at 9am, then it’ll give Mark the chance to ride as well. I hope you can fit a ride in before the game Mark.

dale_dale: how much off-road have you done before? Even if you decide not to ride you must come along and say “hi”.

We’ll be meeting at the first carpark you come across on the road from Horwich to Rivington (about 1/2 mile up Lever Park Avenue on the left hand side).

PM me your mobile numbers just in case I need to get hold of you.

MrBoogiejuice (Kit): How about you and your mates? Interested in coming along?

Mark: I was planning to ride the whole area, including the area next to the reservoir, the lower gardens, terraced gardens (including Japanese gardens), the Pike, the rocky down-hill to the upper carpark and everything in between. As you’ve been up there quite a bit also, maybe you could suggest other parts to ride once we’re up there.

Will be in touch soon,

right ill pop down to say hello ill bring my uni just to see if its set up right and everything

urmm how much offroad i went on to some grass on a park once hahaha so not much at all but i dont plan to ride

so if i can get up for that ungodly hour ill come up :smiley:

If I can get back from uni for that weekend I’ll definately join you. Should be good to have a proper group of us riding at Rivington, and maybe trying some new trails.


Hi Ric,

It would be great if you could make it next weekend.

I’ve PM’d you my mobile number, just in case you need to get in touch.


Thanks Steve

By the way, last Friday I was at Rivington and there were quite a few paths closed off for forestry operations or something in the oriental gardens. Hopefully the routes you were thinking of are still open.


Shouldn’t be a problem. I go up each weekend and it hasn’t stopped me doing anything yet. In fact we’ve got far more to ride now as they’ve cut everything back so much. It’ll be fun.


Cheers Steve, I’d certainly like to come along. I’ll try to make sure I’m not working the night before.

Looking at the map it looks as if a train to Manchester then a bus to Chorlton will be the best plan for me. Does anyone happen to know what the nearest bus stop’s called?

Hi Kit,

Would be great if you could make it. You don’t want to go anywhere near Chorlton though. Try getting a train to Stockport, then there’s a train every 1/2 hour to Horwich Parkway (via Manchester Piccadilly, but I don’t think you actually change trains). It’s only 3/4 hour from Stockport to Horwich Parkway. There just happens to be a train from Stockport at 0747, arriving at Horwich Parkway at 0841. Do check this though, just in case I’ve misread the timetable. If you can make it then I’ll pick you up from the station. It’s only 10 mins drive from the station to where we’re meeting up at 9am. So perfect timing.

Is there anyone else coming along from Mac, or will you be on your own?

Let us know nearer the time if you can make it. If the weather’s going to be atrocious then we’ll possibly re-schedule it for another day. I’ll confirm things toward the end of next week with everyone.

Bye for now,

Hi Steve, cheers for the info and offer of lift. Barring a last minute changing of shifts at work I’ll be there. It looks like I’ll be the only Maccite attending; Pete’s going to be in Leeds that weekend and my brother’s working nights.

I’m going to try and make it down to Denton next Tuesday so can chat more then. I’ve been wanting to come down since the hockey tournament but it’s been the busy bit of year at work.


Looking forward to seeing you at the DUC on Tuesday. I’ll be able to drop you off at the station afterwards as well.


9 am sounds ok to me, should be able to get a decent ride in before the game and then annoy everyone else with my sweat during the game! :slight_smile:

now to get some straight cranks…

pmed you my mobile steve

So thats a total of 5 riders so far? 6 if dale_dale pops down to say Hi. Is the final decision left untill Friday weather wise?

Really looking forward to it as I haven’t riden with a group of riders since Snowdon last year.

i should be popping down wait for me or anything though i dont plan on riding much … i mean 9 thst early

See you all saturday then, my brand spanking new kh24 should be here by then too :slight_smile: