North Wales Unimeet

The third North Wales Unimeet will be held by the NUTs (NorthWales Unicycle Troupe) in Llandudno on August 6th. Start time 10am.
Highlights to include a ride along the prom and MUni’ing on the Great Orme.
All welcome.


will there be any freestyle comps?

i might go next time

Next Meet

Hi Cathwood,

I’m only in Ruthin and would love to have a go with some ‘real’ unicyclists; may I be forward and ask when your next meet is? :smiley:


It’s highly unlikely that he will respond to that given that it was ~8 years since he posted in this thread.
Edit: Also he hasn’t logged on to this forum in ~3 years.

Cathy’s a lady, and I had no idea it’s been so long since she has posted, it almost makes me feel nostalgic.

Anyway to the Gadget man: If you are looking for riders form Whales maybe try getting ahold of Into_the_blue, he only pretends like he knows how to ride but is very convincing. You can find him lurking in the shadows of the Most Replys thread.


Yes, I did notice the dates; just hoping that someone still looks or reads and unicycles in North Wales…thanks for lead!

Lol, whoops.

Anyway being the ‘GADGET’ man he will, no doubt, have a gadget for time travel in which case time has no boundaries. Yes I know that the last post was in 2013 but I also have a time travel gadget, it’s called a uni(time)cycle. You may not believe me now but you will in the future… lol!

Having been in education until retirement it’s good to see the ‘next uber generation’ are really on ‘on the ball’ when it comes to statistics.