North Wales Unimeet 3

HI all,
Just to let you all know that our third North Wales unimeet was great fun.

Stu and I (and my family) were the only uni’ists there who had been to any other meets but we had some visitiors. A family from Stoke on Trent and a man and his son from Preston.

It started in chaos by the pier when some jobsworth of a guy told us that it was illegal for us to ride down Llandudno prom and also the people who came were mostly beginners.

We had planned to ride along the prom and then to go and do some Muni on a nearby mini mountain.

So, quick change of plan: we headed for a carpark to teach the beginners some new tricks and have a general mess around. After walking a pretty long way along the prom to get to the carpark it didn’t take much messing around until we were pretty hungry. Stu had tought all the beginners a new trick - mostly the suicide mount and felt pretty pleased with himself. Hopefully this compensated for his disappointment at no MUni.

So off for some chips from the chippy, in what was quickly becoming a lovely sunny day. I wasn’t impressed though, at having to pay 20p use the toilets. Llandudno was rapidly becoming a disappointment.

However, after luch we headed off for a meeting of trials bikers that we had been invited to, not quite knowing what to expect and supposing that Stu would be strutting his stuff and we would be watching in admiration for an hour or so.

It turned out to be much more than we expected. A trials course for Stu and one of the beginners - who was learning rapidly! Plenty of space on an all weather pitch for the rest of us, who weren’t up to trials. It also turned out that there was a fun day going on, so the kids had bouncy castles, glueing, face painting and balloon modling to keep them busy. A great relief for me, as my son can be a great pain once bored. There was also a guy doing a circus skills workshop - including some unicycles of his own.

It was a great day. A day in which unicycling, trials, circus and so on, all fit well together. One of the trials bikers and one of the local yobs who were at this ‘fun day’ really took to unicycling and probably managed to learn more in a couple of hours on our unicycles than I did in a couple of months! I hope they will peruse it.

A fun day had by all.


Hey, Cath. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you had a great time despite some hiccups. I love the idea of teaching the suicide mount to beginners – that’s hysterical!

Regards (as usual) to Stu. Keep the notes (and uni meets) coming!


They got it too, almost straight away. They could only ride a bit and there they were happily jumping on - I think it was the first freemount one of them had tried.

I was too chicken!