North UK Unicycling Group?

There seems to be a lot of unicyclists in the South of the UK and not many in the North? Am I wrong?

I’m really looking to find all the unicyclists in the North, particularly in Yorkshire, so we can arrange UNImeets and other organised funness.

Does anyone know of existing groups? Anyone live in Yorkshire and interested?



There are a lot of riders and groups up North. As well as events. The British Unicycle Convention has been held up North (Billingham) for the last 2 years and this year is going to be in Scarborough. There are regular hockey events in Nottingham/Derby and only last month there was a tournment in Manchester. I guess that there is going to be a hockey event in Billingham in the next few weeks. I also predict that there are going to be more unimeets in Birmingham coming up soon.
What type of unicycling are you interested in? why not organise a mini event?


There are riders from all sorts of places. I used to live in Leyburn and Darlington and there are riders all over the spot.


Oooh! So there are unicyclists in the North! Thanks!

I’m mainly into trials and street unicycling at the moment but I would definately try some MUni! Do you know any other Trials/street riders from the “North” (especially Yorkshire). I can’t wait for BUC2006 -I went to the BUC in 2004 and it was fantastic!

It would be great to get together with some Trials and Street riders for a weekend! How about meeting at a skate park?

Are most events posted on ? Where can I go to find out about unicycling events?

Thanks Roger!


It depends on how far you are willing to travel, there is a good trials rider in Hull (I have not met him but he is jumping 5 pallets to rubber so can not be bad). If you knudge Joe from whitley bay or Simon from Billingham I am sure they would love a days riding.

For events check out the calendar: