North Texas Uni Day !

OK OK here we go !

IF you haven’t received a map and more info, let me know !

The park is going to be busy with Easter eggers or whatever, so We could not
reserve a picnic table, but Mark and I know a good spot where we could set up
our own table and lawn chairs and have a good time anyway.

So, it would be nice if everybody could bring a lawn chair, maybe a picnic
blanket, cooler, food, and of course the unicycles and juggling equipment.
(maybe a folding table)

We are meeting at the spillway, which is right on Garland rd. (see map) I bought
some hideous orange posterboard last night and made some signs with unicycles on
them. I will post them up around the place on saturday.

There is a parking lot at the spillway. The riding trail goes right by it. The
trail goes downhill over a bridge. After the bridge , the trail turns right into
a grassy area, that is where I think we should make home base. It’s very nice.

Weather permitting, I will see you all at noon on saturday ! -danny

Re: North Texas Uni Day !

I won’t be able to go as I will be leaving town for Easter.

Jim Rybarski

And yes, I replied to an earlier post before I saw this one.

Re: North Texas Uni Day !

So, how was the ride?

Sorry I couldn’t make it down, but we had too much family stuff going on
Easter weekend.


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