North Shore Shred 3.0

This is my first new video in 14 months due to a concussion I sustained last spring (2016). The Concussion took 3 months to recover from, but I still felt fragile after a crash in October of 2016, so I decided to take a step back, and not ride anything dangerous for the next 6 months.
After a year of minimal riding, the day started rough - all the skills were there, they just felt a bit slower then normal. I eventually remembered how to ride, and the second half of the day went really well. I was riding slower and more cautiously then I wanted to, but I was also riding consistently and in control which was good. It was a good first video back and it felt great to be riding again!

Thanks to:
Kris Holm Unicycles

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hello Ryan…glad to hear you’ve recovered.

being a newbie, and new to this forum, I want to say your youtube videos are very inspiring. i can only dream of riding the way you do. hoping someday, I can do at least 1% of how you ride…keep it up, and be safe…

Welcome back and awesome video!

Please stop by and try our local Boer Mountain if you ever drive through Burns Lake.
Better yet, come for the Big Pig weekend in August and show the two wheelers how it’s done!

Very inspirational. Keep 'em coming.

Wow Ryan, great to have you back! The North Shore is such a playground. But where’s the part where you were going slower? :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that a judo roll in the beginning of the video?

You are the only unicyclist I have seen wearing a full helmet. Hope your future rides are free of serious injury. Your videos are really good.

I live in this area, but still still just working on going in a straight line on flat ground.

Brilliant as always :slight_smile:

You make it look really easy but it is not… If I was attempting to do what you are doing I would be in hospital with something broken in no time!

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more videos in the future…

Wow! There are muni videos out there that elicit a reaction of “oh, that’s neat” or “pretty cool” but yours are in a league way above, especially this one. I don’t think I uttered hardly anything until it was over and I had to pick my jaw up from the floor. Just mind blowing! The riding is awesome of course and the camera work and editing are home runs. Congrats to you and Glenn.

Great to have you back here again.

Just curious, what kind of cameras were used?

Love the video, I really need to go back to BC one day, those trails are amazing. Your riding is still my biggest inspiration for Muni.

Great video what a playground you have to play in you must love it

Thanks! As much as I enjoy making videos, I do ultimately hope they reach and inspire other people to learn to ride and to progress their own riding. If you keep at it you’ll get there for sure!

I will keep that in mind, Thanks for the invite! I have 2-3 other videos to release before the end of the year!

Thanks! It’s good to be a back and making video again =) haha well, I was hoping to hit most sections one level faster then I was going in this video… next year I suppose!

I’ve never done Judo, so I can neither confirm no deny. I used that roll a lot back in my soccer days. A few other unicyclists where full faces… they’re useful for big drops and fast riding. Glad you enjoyed the video! Unicycling can be frustrating at times… but if you keep with it you’ll learn! And its super gratifying! You live near Vancouver? Have you contacted the Vancouver unicycling club?

Reply #2 - second half

Glad you enjoyed the video! I’ve practiced a lot… that includes a lot of practice crashing! - Good crashing technique saves hospital visits =) 2 more videos being released this year… maybe a third (if I get organized)!

haha thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed it! I’ll pass on the congrats to Glenn. Its good to be back! Camera - I am currently using the Sony a6300. Glenn has the Canon 80D. The sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens was used a lot in this video. And the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8.

Thanks! If you do, let me know!

It’s shaped who I’ve become in this life,… I’m lucky to live where I do!

Thanks for all the comments everyone! Stoked you like the video!

That roll looks well practiced.

So far I have just made it to one of the local practices. Otherwise I had scheduling conflicts. Hope to make it more often next year. I live on the North Shore.

I see huge benefits to learning unicycling and doing it as a regular activity, so I have no intent of ever giving up.