North Shore Shred 2.0

The new KH27.5 is here! Details on the unicycle can be found at this link:


Very nice vid !!

And good examples on why it is good to have some protective gear :wink:
(even better with a tightened helmet :stuck_out_tongue: )

Wow, that was awesome! This is exactly the kind of thing I aspire to do.

Quick question: you often seem to hop left foot forward, how do you manage to always have your cranks in the right place at the right time to do this?

Ah, you’ve uncovered one of my next progression goals.
I am more comfortable jumping left foot forward, and for big moves, especially when I am trying to land things efficiently for video (saving time), I often line things up. So it is a bit rigged,… Can I land stunts without pre-determining the pedal position? Yes, I’m just not as good, so it would extend the filming process, and filming already takes forever. I am pretty comfortable up to 5 or 6 feet switch ( vertical distance for drops and jumps), anything larger I have to take in my strong pedal position.

One day, and one day soon, I’d like to be equally good in every pedal position. This is my next phase of progression.

Aww, I was hoping you had some awesome trick.
I guess I’ll just keep practicing all positions. I’ll be happy if I get to 5’ with good position.

Excited to see what comes next from you!

As you ride more you will get a better sense of the revolutions needed to cover a certain distance, and this will allow you to estimate what pedal position you will be in. You could say to yourself, " I need to be in my strong position at this root, because I think it is 3 revolutions from this root to that drop" and you can adjust accordingly.

However, becoming good at this may be more effort then its worth… I think the aim of Muni is to ride a trail as smoothly and naturally as possible, which eventually means being able to take any obstacle in any position… but yeah, this is not easy.

Thanks! I think I’ve got some stuff that is worthy of excitement =)

Great video Ryan. Good to see someone’s making awesome downhill videos :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope all is well across the pond!

Another awesome vid :smiley: The speed of your 29 vid but the technicality and showing the confidence of North Shore Shred 1 :D:D

You ever think of entering a DH or super-D bike race? I bet you could do pretty good against the two wheelers if the coarse is mostly like the vid :o :sunglasses:

This can be done by putting in one or more swerves so the wheel turns more before you get to the hop point or throw in a small pre-hop a few revs ahead so that the cranks line up. Like Ryan said with practice you can see if you are going to wind up in the wrong position and adjust before you get there.

To make it even easier to make sure your pedals will line up you could strategically place a rock or branch X revs ahead so you know they’ll line up.

I couldn’t tell in the vid if Ryan did either :o :sunglasses:

In the vid I bet Ryan had gotten there in his less ideal position multiple times or he wasn’t 100% mentally prepared, so it didn’t look very smooth or he had to bail, so he reshot it. (That’s happened w/ me MANY times when I thought I was 100% prepared.)

I have zero hopping ability (see avatar), but I disagree. Being able to relatively confidently hop regardless of foot forward can significantly smooth out your riding. I’ve read here of people who race XC against bikes it helped them keep their flow up & consequently time down and more likely to pass instead of being passed. Many times something you learn/improve in one area helps in a variety of others, sometimes in unexpected ways. I’ve noticed this with many of my activities. But, yes, learning to do it as smoothly and consistently as Ryan hops in the vid may be too much work I think.