North Shore Muni Trip (photos)

Last weekend, Josh (Witchcraft) Schoolcraft, Morgan Cable, and myself battled our way through The US Passport Agency, Mideastern hurricanes, and United Airlines to ride the notorious North Shore trails with our favorite Vancouver municyclists. Thanks to our hosts for a truly awesome weekend, minus the torn and twisted joints.

Here are some photos. Unfortunately, since I’d rather ride than shoot, I only got photos of a few riders. Also, I didn’t capture any of the really big nasty stuff because all of it was in dark shadow. Anyone else who has photos of the trip, post em here!

Just Joshin’

Morgan riding the roller coaster of love

KH with amoebae

Josh bored

Morgan gearing for take-off

Josh’s fall from the heavens

Boy with stump

Josh climbing back up Jacob’s ladder

Small hop for Kris… Giant leap for unicycle-kind

Impossible skinny / Kris’s last smile for a while…

Congratulations on your trip to the Great White North - that looks like amazing fun, minus the injuries. Here is to a speedy recovery for Kris!

Nice photos Eyal. Man I wish I’d been up there. I haven’t ridden North Shore in way too long. Would love to see more photos if anyone else got any.


i wish i took some that day, great pictures eyal. Hope to see you again soon


The North Shore trails and similar forest cover trails are quite dark as a camera sees things. Makes good photography and video difficult. All the more amazing how they are able to get such good photos and video for the North Shore calendars and video series.

North Shore and the other Canadian area trails are only a handful of hours drive North for me. Yet I still don’t get up there to go riding much at all. I need to change that.

Thanks for the pictures, Eyal! You were the only one with any sort of presence of mind from our group to even try. I think James may have some more, though I don’t really remember who had the cameras out. I was having so much fun with the riding!

Really big thanks to Kris and the rest of the VanUni crew for the hosting and rides. Met some great people! This will be an annual pilgramage for me. Totally worth every minute of airport hassle, and then some. Perfect trail conditions, too - sticky and dry with no heat.

Kris’ injury was a real downer. I’ve seen many serious falls in the past year (too many), and this topped them all. Very scary to watch anyone perform an uncontrolled coast down a vertical incline, and I dare say no one else could have walked away from that massive of a pileup.

We’re all pulling for a rapid recovery for Kris!

Awesome guys! Wish I could have joined ya’ll. Those trails are so sweet, I should try and make it up there at least once a year…

Didn’t hear about Kris’s accident so I’ll have to look on the forums and see what I find. I hope it’s not too serious and that he has a speedy recovery.

I’m glad you took some pictures Eyal. It can be difficult taking pics and ride as well. The obstacles look so tempting. I like the last pic of Kris on the skinny. I hope to make it up there for a muni ride sometime. Glad to hear the weather was nice and I really hope Kris recovers soon.

Nice pics. :sunglasses:

Any video?:o