North New Jersey Unicyclers?

Are there any riders from Northern New Jersey? Looking for new people to ride with.

I’m from Madison! But haven’t lived there since 1987.
There’s a group in Edison:

I’m in Bergen County. Doing mostly muni riding. Tomorrow if you want.

im from bergen where do u go muniing and join North Jersey Unicycling Club on Strava

If I get time for a ride in the evening I usually go to Blauvelt. Evening rides are going to get harder as daylight is rapidly getting shorter. Weekends I’ve been going to Sterling Forest where we are building new trails.

Who is we? @universe

Red Back Trail.

The collective ‘we’ is The NYNJTC with paid trail crew and volunteers. JORBA and PalisadesMTB have a interest in the project also. (Palisades trail crew).

This thread brought back north NJ memories of Action Park. That’s in the way-north of New Jersey, in Vernon. Home of the 360-degree looping slide that may have been the only one of its kind. I was actually there while it was being operated! They had two attendants at the bottom, to pick people up after they got spit out the end of the slide.

Here’s an article about it

No, I did not try that slide. :slight_smile:

That place still exists, several owners later it is now called Mountain Creek. I think they have toned down the water park. They now have DH bike riding. I’ve never been there Muni or otherwise.

Depending on your vintage you’ll also remember Jungle Habitat. The property there is now owned by the state and is a MTB/Muni park and another decent place to ride. The buildings are gone but relics of the safari park are still there.

I’m in South Orange.

I am in Morris county. Also heard rumor someone else was unicycling Tourne Park in Boonton last night. Anybody here?

pinging …anyone in NJ

Hi, Its August 2019, pinging to see if anyone from NJ is around here. Cheers.