North New Jersey MUni event this weekend!

Hi everybody,

Because nobody else has posted anything (that I’ve seen) about this ride I’ve taken it upon myself to post it here:

Several of us (12, or so, at this point) are getting together near Morristown, NJ for three days of MUni-ing. I’m flying up from Memphis so you folks that live nearer might, too, be able to make the ride. Check out the web site for details.

This is posted as an “invitational” but that means just let Scott know who’s going to be there. The weather is looking great for a little off-roading! I hope to meet some new MUni buddies there.

web visit:
bulletin board:


In the future more warning might be helpful for those who might have wanted to go…

Yes, you are right. However, it isn’t really my party. I don’t know wht others didn’t post this. This is just a FYI - if you can make it.

I get the impression that people that frequent also visit That’s just a hunch. Some of the frequent posters here, also post there and are registered. How often they visit is unknown.

There is stuff there that doesn’t always appear here. I would welcome riders to check the board at at least once a week and contribute as well.

On a personal note, I wish more posting would occur there.

Tommy has a point, that the MUni invitational wasn’t posted here, but it is the first year, so let’s look out for next year.

Ride ON:)

fair enough, i was might have gone if I wasnt driving up to lutsen this weekend for some chairlift powered fun.

Scott used to post here, over a year ago. His early off-road posts were great- but got almost no responces. The site he’s created has some very solid/usefull tips that any new rider would benifit from (I know I did). However, Muniac Manor isn’t run like; Gilby runs his site as a public utility in a very hands off manor, were as Scott runs the Manor as his personal club house- which it is.