North Jersey MUni Invitational

The north New Jersey Invitational MUni was really cool. It was a three-day event but Daniel and I were only able to attend part of the third day. The first two days were much, much more of technical challenges and the third day was the “Fun Ride” which was plenty challenging for me. Because I had to work 2 of the three days in Memphis I then flew to Philly to get with Daniel (a senior at Univ… of Penn.) and then we drove (2+ hrs) up to rendezvous with the others at Scott Bridgman’s home. After a great breakfast we caravanned to High Point State Park (about an hour and a half drive farther). By the time that we got there, I was racked with motion sickness and the day was more of a struggle for me from this rather than the challenges of the ride. There were about 12 of us for this ride. I thought that the riding was great. There were a few challenges that were way out of my league (that others did) but these were easily avoided if need be. Oli, from Montreal, gave us all a clinic on massive drops – 5’ ! Everybody had the opportunity to take the “center stage” at various obstacles but Oli, Scott and Brian were strutting their stuff. Because we had such a long drive to get back to Philly, Daniel and I had to head back early.

I suggest going to:

to get the skinny on what happened there in north North Jersey.

Special thanks to Scott Bridgeman for hosting this awesome event, feeding us and posting the event on the web. Helmets off to Scott!

Though a short ride after such a long drive for Daniel and me, it was SO great to finally meet the folks that I had been e-mailing. Getting together for rides like this is awesome. I encourage us all to just announce a get-together. If you call a rendezvous – they will come. This is how Lewis, Christopher, Tim and I met. We are weaving a web of unicyclist through our region through our Delta Rendezvous.