North Face Base Camp Ballistic

Came across those shoes the other day:

The North Face Base Camp Ballistic. Not sure they’re still at the catalog, they seem to disappear quickly.

They’re pretty confortable, and the thread of the soles says “uni-friendly”. Anyone heard about them? Tried them?

They have cool colors, black with red laces, flashy red, and grey with purple laces and soles… I know at least one unicyclist here on this forum who would be happy to match her shoes to her unis…

Interesting. I don’t see them on the US website. I like the women’s color.

I recently got Five Ten mountain bike shoes on clearance through their website. Price was too good to pass up. In fact I bought a couple of pairs.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

adding these to list of things I’ll buy with tax refund still has some, but it seems like it’s being phased out. Shame, those look particularly well suited to our sport. And I’m not even talking about the color !

A woman buying multiple pair of shoes? Say it ain’t so :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: