North Carolina

just curious if any of you are in N.C. preferably the east. As far as i know no one around here rides.

from NC


There are a bunch of riders in the Western part of the state.

Check out


Bunch of riders closer to the mountains, I’m in E. Tennessee.

Care to make a trip West?

There are a bunch of us in the Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill), and we have a website where we get together, and think up differnt places to get together and ride. All abilities, and disciplines, if you are in the triangle area look us up at

Going to East N.C. Would you like to meet you there? I really want to meet members there if you want. :smiley: seems to be a dead link, but the riding continues.

I just moved down to Raleigh (from Albany) and am starting to find the trails. Had a nice muni with 3 other riders last week. Are there more?

So, all you NC riders, how about meeting in a central place like Asheville for a day of riding? Bent Creek would be fun for all abilities, Pisgah for hard stuff, DuPOnt?

I can be in Asheville any weekend, as well as most Fridays.

FYI, I’m putting on a muni gathering/fest ar Raccoon Mountain, just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, over the May 19-20 weekend. This is about a four hour drive from Asheville.

There is camping nearby as well as plenty of hotels. All you need to do is join the Unicycle Society of America to be covered for insurance, then bring food and such, the riding and companionship is free!

Yeah, I believe that… whoever… stopped paying for that domain and that site was replaced by a facebook group.

There’s not a whole lot of posts advertising rides on the facebook group as many people have settled into their ride patterns. And I wish Asheville were more central to NC, I’d say Greensboro is more central to the state as far as geography is concerned but there’s nothing in Greensboro that would compare to the trails out near Asheville.

I need to get out to some of the trails in Pisgah/Dupont. It’s about a 5 hour drive for me, so Raccoon Mountain (another place I’d love to go) would be about an 8 hour drive.

Raccoon Mt looks like an 8hr drive for me, but I’ll put it on the list and see what happens.

Asheville is easier (~4hrs).

Keep me posted, my schedule is usually pretty crazy, but if I can get away I’m not afraid to drive for a good ride. Still lots of new trails around Raleigh for me to explore too, which is fun.


Welcome to NC, Roland. I just relied to your PM. I moved down here from Rochester, NY 5 years ago.

Okay, so temps have been high and it’s been rainy, but this coming weekend the temps are suuposed to drop and it’s supposed to dry out, so…

Anyone up for a road trip to Asheville? I’m game for two days of riding, anywhere that’s interesting and dirt; I don’t have a road uni these days.

Come on gang, you know you wanna ride in Ashville, ya just need to commit :slight_smile:

I do “wanna ride in Asheville”

I have to go there for work before too long, let me work out that date and then try to stick a ride in around the same time.

So Roland, let me know, I can make it most anytime if it means riding with a fellow unicyclist.